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Comments on: "Videos: [082510] 2NE1 featured in Pops in Seoul + [082410] 2NE1 @ Entertainment News" (8)

  1. LOL! I can’t count how many times has kevin said his fanboying over Dara and 2NE1 being his fave girl group! LOL!
    Go kevin!! <333!! even Xander is getting on the Dara craze, LOL!
    love this episode since it talks about 2NE1
    and I can't wait to see them back in Kpop again!! 😛 😀

  2. can’t wait for 2ne1’s comeback…2 more weeks to go!

  3. i wish there is an english sub.
    but anyways the vids were great.
    i love the first one:)
    and i must say, kevin is so cute with pink shirt. haha:P
    and alexander a.k.a “xander park”? is also adorable with that hair!
    the other guy with the vest is cute copying the expressions game:))

    all of 2ne1’s songs are just love!:)
    i want to hear their new songs now:)

  4. issahgannee said:


  5. pinayinadifferentcountry said:

    i think this is the part when dara is saying they cannot showcase their new songs yet as it is a secret (they are full of secrets, something like to that line) and she’s sort of saying sorry they had to sing their old songs but at the same time she’s also saying to the audience that this might be the last time they will sing fire, idc and their other old songs.

  6. woah. i need eng sub.

  7. Ha-ha…the 1st video is so funny U*Kiss’ Kevin and Alexander are certified Dara’s fanboys, they keep singing and imitating her part.

  8. wish there were an english subs >.<

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