More caps after the cut. 🙂

Comments on: "Video: [W/ Caps] 2NE1 BeanPole Jeans BTS" (18)

  1. I love it how 2ne1’s cf’s and endoresments are so dara baise! xDD

  2. dArA.,Ur just so h0t!h0t!h0t!..

  3. superstar79 said:

    it’s sooo much joy to see her!

    she’s very very likeable. i really really like seeing her and minzy together. so fun. dara have seen her grown up and i can sense that she cares a lot for minzy.

  4. gorgeous,pretty,charming,cute amazing thats
    absolutely dara..
    i love her s much..
    2ne1 figthing!!!!!

  5. LOL! Dara is having soo much fun even when it’s just her and the balloon, -_- 😛
    Love her eye make-up and her clothes! Wanna see HQ pics soon!!
    Dara with Minji is soo fun to watch! 😀
    Thanks for the lovely caps!! 🙂

  6. lol @ bom…she’s jealous w/ dara and cl…cuz cl put her hands to dara’s shoulder den bom take ‘it off… @ dem

  7. bom is jealous w/ cl…she take off cl’s hand to dara’s shoulder…lol

  8. and the dorky dara strikes again!:)
    haha:) she’s so playful at the set yet so sexy and sophisticated when the camera flashes:)
    i love how bom plays the guitar and dara with that big fish!:))

  9. BLACK AND WHITE! Talk about gorgeousness.

  10. i love how dara is so dorky when she’s being by herself and love how she transforms into a sexy chic elegant model in front of the camera 🙂 chameleon perhaps?! very versatile!

  11. the ever dorky Dara. 😀

  12. i spotted real maknae-fake maknae, park sisters, and chaera moments… dara is really loved by everyone.. we ♥ u too D..

  13. lol… i saw park sisters vs chaera when bom took cl’s hand away from dara’s shoulder around 0:58

    i love how many sides of dara are shown here.

  14. XxneerysxX said:

    i loled so much when goddess D hit her face with the fish thing she was holding hahaha such a dork lmao . ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. lol @ Empress D, filming herself at the mirror and then laughed!
    dara and minzy are so cute!

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