Source: Etude + shared by nique_25

Thanks to rice_daarol and pinkyasumi for the tip 🙂

Comments on: "Photo: Baby Face Sandara’s Beauty Secret" (9)

  1. baby face aka baby vampire 😀

  2. Baby Face Santokki!1 <333
    totally suits her, Love how ETUDE is soo Dara-biased! LOL! 😛
    Soo.. for sure, many would wanna get the product if they wanna be as fresh and as young as Dara for the years to come.. 😛
    Dara "The Ultimate Baby Face!!" 😛

  3. You are taking me down again the memory lane of splash maxi peel commercial and how you changed so wonderfully

    i’ll marry you someday Dara, watch out

  4. i love the fact that dara’s endorsing a new etude product. so pretty.

  5. Dara can endorse a LOOFAH for all I care but still I am gonna buy it. She’s really an effective and convincing ENDORSER.

  6. dara is just everywhere.. major major like it… lol

  7. i seriously need to go to etude house… lol

  8. yayy..dara so cute..

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