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Article: Which Idols are the Biggest Fans?

I guess the hosts are not aware of the lengths that Dara goes to to support her fellow YG artists! ^_^ Always promotes 2NE1, flew to the Philippines to support Big Bang, always watches their concerts, flew to Japan to support Se7en and went to Gummy’s fanmeeting. ^_^


This week on MBC Every1‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, idols were asked “Which idols are the biggest fans of other celebrities?

Since idols are people themselves, they also have their own favorite artists. The survey revealed just who was a fan of which celebrity.

The nominees for the top 7 list included TEEN TOP‘s L.Joe, who is a big fan of G-Dragon2NE1‘sDara, who flew from the Philippines to Korea to see Lee Hyori, and SHINee‘s Key, who is an officialBoA fan club member.

However, the #1 spot went to INFINITE‘s Sunggyu. You may think that he got on the list because ofhis love for HyunA, but he actually ranked on top because of his love of the band Nell. Not only does Sunggyu admit he’s Nell’s #1 fan, they even work for the same company and Nell worked on producing Sunggyu’s solo album.

Check out Dara’s cut below:

Source: ALLKPOP + mblaqthunder1007

Video: Dara Ranks #5 in Weekly Idol for “Who people want to give tonic supplements the most”

Aigo, our Darong looks so small and fragile people can’t help but want her to gain more weight (︶ω︶)

Though she eats a “lot” she doesn’t gain much weight either.

I just hope she gets enough rest every time, cause we know how fast she loses energy or falls asleep. As long as she keep energy bars close..


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Video: Dara and Thunder Voted #1 as Best Idol Family on “Weekly Idol”

So this is what Dara and Thunder were talking about in Twitter! They were chosen by various idols as the #1 Best Idol Family! ^^ In the video, they showed pictures and  clips of the two together. They are just too adorable! Park Family jjang! <333