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Video: News Clip of 2NE1 at “The Amazing Spiderman” Movie Premiere

Kekeke! I really can’t get enough of the epic moment when Spiderman lifted Dara, and the matching shocked faces of the girls! Worth watching over and over again! XD

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News: 2NE1 members exclaim, “It’s so exciting to meet Spiderman in person!”

 2NE1 members exclaim, “It’s so exciting to meet Spiderman in person!”

Recently, girl group 2NE1 has met the main cast of Amazing Spiderman.

On June 14, a red carpet event for Amazing Spiderman was held at the Grand Hall of Lotte mall located in Gimpo Airport in Banghwa-dong, Ganseo-gu, Seoul. There, 2NE1 members spent meaningful time with leading actors of the movie.

Prior to the appearance of the actors, 2NE1 stepped on the red carpet first; they waved and autographed for their fans.

On the stage, the singers shared their feelings upon being invited to the event. Gong Min Ji said, “Among the many man’s in the world, my favorite one is Spiderman.” Sandara Park added, “Spiderman seems sexier than any other heroes.”

After actors presented themselves before the audience, 2NE1 reappeared and greeted them in English.

When Park asked Rhys Ifans, “Have you ever listened to our music?” he answered, “Of course.” But he became lost when asked to name a song he listened to, so the girls sang a line from “I Am The Best.” Immediately, Ifans sang after them.

Park emphasized, “I’m so glad and it’s very exciting to see them (actors) in person.”

“It’s fantastic and exciting,” responded Emma Stone.

Park concluded, “We’re so looking forward to the movie and we’ll be watching it together. Thank you so much for inviting us tonight.”

2NE1 left the place after having a photo session with the main cast and director Marc Webb.

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Videos: 120614 Fancams of 2NE1 at the “Amazing Spiderman” Movie Premiere

The three girls look so feminine and beautiful! They were so cute when they were being interviewed! Keke! ^_^ 


Videos: 120614 Dara, Bom, and Minzy at the Korean Movie Premiere of “The Amazing Spiderman”

Finally! Here are the videos of Dara, Bom, and Minzy at the red carpet of the movie premiere! ^_^

Apparently, CL had a schedule today so she wasn’t able to attend the premiere with the girls.. Also when asked about their upcoming comeback, Dara hinted that they will have a “sexy concept” this time around.  Now who’s excited for sexy 2NE1?! I know I am!  ^^


Kekeke! Bommie was so cute when she screamed because she got shocked Spiderman appeared in front of them. They actually looked a bit scared! Haha. And of course, everyone got shocked when Mr. Spiderman scooped Dara and lifted her up to ground! Looks like even Spiderman can’t resist Dara’s beauty. Keke! ^_^


Dara, Bom and Minzy with the cast of the movie! ^^

And here’s a short clip of Rhys Ifans, one of the casts, singing “Nega Jeil Jal Naga”! ^_^

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