Photos: 120614 Beautiful 2NE1 At Spider Man Seoul Premiere Red Carpet Event, Part 2!

Wah! More and more pictures! ^^ Soooo many gorgeous pics of our gorgeous goddess Dee last night! ^^ Is it just me or is her hair darker again? XD But oh, I so love her smiles, I love love love her outfit where I can see her tummy, OMG can I flails around and spazz? Keke! ^^

Spidey has found his new Mary Jane! LOLOL! XD Spider Man is the newest dara fanboy, smitten by her charms! XD


Videos: 120614 Fancams of 2NE1 at the “Amazing Spiderman” Movie Premiere

The three girls look so feminine and beautiful! They were so cute when they were being interviewed! Keke! ^_^ 


Videos: 120614 Dara, Bom, and Minzy at the Korean Movie Premiere of “The Amazing Spiderman”

Finally! Here are the videos of Dara, Bom, and Minzy at the red carpet of the movie premiere! ^_^

Apparently, CL had a schedule today so she wasn’t able to attend the premiere with the girls.. Also when asked about their upcoming comeback, Dara hinted that they will have a “sexy concept” this time around.  Now who’s excited for sexy 2NE1?! I know I am!  ^^


Kekeke! Bommie was so cute when she screamed because she got shocked Spiderman appeared in front of them. They actually looked a bit scared! Haha. And of course, everyone got shocked when Mr. Spiderman scooped Dara and lifted her up to ground! Looks like even Spiderman can’t resist Dara’s beauty. Keke! ^_^


Dara, Bom and Minzy with the cast of the movie! ^^

And here’s a short clip of Rhys Ifans, one of the casts, singing “Nega Jeil Jal Naga”! ^_^

Credit: uthinkwhoiam@YouTube