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Instagram: Brave Dara Conquers Tagaytay’s Zip Line at Sky Ranch ~ “Im ready!!!”

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Im ready!!! 준비돼에쏘오~!!!👍

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InstaVids: Fans Take Short Clips of Fun Dara Riding on the Viking and Zip Line at Sky Ranch

Our brave Dara unnie! ❤ And her smile to the fans is so sweet! ❤ And wow, do you hear the people calling out her name? ^^

Sandara Park @daraxxi Super Viking at Skyranch Tagaytay”

“A glimpse of Sandara Park.. Hahaha. #PAPARAZZI”


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Photos: 140518 Fantaken Pictures of Fresh Dara Enjoying Herself at Sky Ranch, Tagaytay

Dara is so pretty and fresh and charming.. TT___TT Such lucky people to see her at Sky Ranch! ❤





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InstaVids: Fun, Brave Dara Shares Short Clips of their Vacation in Sky Ranch, Tagaytay ~ Zip Line + Viking!

Oh wow! Dara went on the zip line and the Viking ride! Personally, I’m more scared of the Viking than the zip line.. I tried both and seriously, my stomach got queasier on the Viking. XD Brave Dara is brave though! ❤ And it’s so much fun seeing CL being all happy and laughing and waving her hat around.. DarLin on a date! XDDD

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Zip line #skyranch #tagaytay

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Zip line #skyranch#tagaytay

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Viking #skyranch #tagaytay

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Viking #skyranch#tagaytay

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