Our brave Dara unnie! ❤ And her smile to the fans is so sweet! ❤ And wow, do you hear the people calling out her name? ^^

Sandara Park @daraxxi Super Viking at Skyranch Tagaytay”


“A glimpse of Sandara Park.. Hahaha. #PAPARAZZI”


Sources: tjhartellah + czarinuuuh

Comments on: "InstaVids: Fans Take Short Clips of Fun Dara Riding on the Viking and Zip Line at Sky Ranch" (3)

  1. Dara has so many fans!, from kids to adults ( I can hear a child calling her so cute! then she smile and wave at them so cute!) shes so nice. love her

  2. She is really amazing person she really goes out there and have fun at the sametime she make her fans happy by sharing all her activities as if i was there vacationing with her in PHILIPPINES although i live in USA. Thanks OH DARA 4 sharing the pictures i would like if u can share the video of their concert in philippines i really like to see the reaction of the fans thanks.

  3. she’s so pretty in the first vid. i love it when dara isn’t wearing stage make up..she’s so pretty and pure.
    the second vid is kinda funny…ha ha ha..dara passing through..

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