Oh wow! Dara went on the zip line and the Viking ride! Personally, I’m more scared of the Viking than the zip line.. I tried both and seriously, my stomach got queasier on the Viking. XD Brave Dara is brave though! ❤ And it’s so much fun seeing CL being all happy and laughing and waving her hat around.. DarLin on a date! XDDD

Zip line #skyranch#tagaytay

Viking #skyranch#tagaytay

Credits: daraxxi

Comments on: "InstaVids: Fun, Brave Dara Shares Short Clips of their Vacation in Sky Ranch, Tagaytay ~ Zip Line + Viking!" (5)

  1. LMAO! the screams! SANDARA!!!! is epic! XD

  2. was that blond girl, at the back, cl??

  3. heartsflowersribbons said:


  4. Im so.happy shes happy!!! I can truly see shes more comfortable in the philippines! Even theres many peple following her..and i can even here them shouting her name in the background. Im so glad cl is enjoying too..its like husband and wife on a honeymoon…ke ke kemy one true pairing!

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