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Photos: Fantaken Pictures of Elegant, Gorgeous “Miss Korea” Sandara Park Behind-the-Scenes of “Missing Korea”

QUEEN DARAAAA~!!! ALL HAIL!! ❤ *bows* So so so beautiful and elegant and gorgeous and I just want to cry! TT_______TT

So we were all wondering why Dara was wearing a brilliantly red gown while the other girls were all wearing white or cream..  So it must have been for another scene, because here she is looking oh so so so majestic in this beautiful creme crown with wrap-around details.. ❤ 





Source: Hermoso Naver Blog

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: GORGEOUS Princess Dara for Etude’s Sweet Propose Campaign!

The new campaign, Sweet Propose, named DARA IS ETUDE’S PRINCESS MODEL.

Oh my gawd. I think it’s safe to say that this campaign is going to be my favorite one. Dara and pink and prettiness all over! DYING! OMG! I really wanted another Etude campaign like Aloha with long hair, only a more girly one, like with pink and flowers, and now here comes Sweet Proposal! OMGGGG! Dara is just so effing gorgeous! XD See the pictures and tell me otherwise, I dare you. Kekekeke! XD

Look 1: KISS ME

Look 2: HUG ME

I love love love all the pics! Dara just looks so sweet and pretty and gorgeous! /dead


Credits: Etude Taiwan (that awkward moment when another Etude account updates more recent pics than Etude Korea. XD)

EDIT! [Trans][ETUDE TAIWAN ALBUM INFO] EtudeHouse will bring us the breath of fully happiness at the begining of 2011’s winter.All of the romantic pure white,the sweet love pink, and also various kinds of lovely love illustrations,roll out “Sweet face sweet talk-the limited love color-make-up set”. It’s including “romantic kiss-eternal happiness limited color-make-up box” which stands for eternal love,and “sweet hug-dreamed love limited color-make-up box” which stands for sweet attachment. Different combination of different levels color-make-up sets,made you can present your charm of puzzling in any moving moments.The representatives of Etude’s prince SHINEE and Etude’s princess Sandara, witness the happy moments with all of you guys^ ^

Thanks to @PinkySandaraBar