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Twitter/Photo: GlobalBlackjack – “What’s up we’re #2NE1! #NY #MTV”

Source: @GlobalBlackjack

Photos: 120627 2NE1 at the MTV LIVEDAM “Sing for Smile Tour” VMAJ in Nagoya

Earlier today, the girls flew from Seoul to Osaka to perform at the MTV LIVEDAM “Sing for Smile Tour” VMAJ in Osaka.  

The girls performed Fire, Can’t Nobody, Scream, Lonely, UGLY, Go Away and I Am The Best!

Here are photos of the girls posing with the fans!


Photos: 120623 More Press Photos of Lovely 2NE1 at the 2012 MTV VMAJ

YEY! More clear press photos of the girls at the awards show! ^_^

Ohmygahd, gorgeous Goddess!!! <333

More and more photos of the girls after the cut!


Photos: 120623 Press Photos of Colorful 2NE1 at 2012 MTV VMAJ Red Carpet

I’m really really loving these concept on the girls! They just look so bright and fresh and beautiful with these colorful clothes. <333


Me2day: 2ne1 is MTV’s Artist of the Year! <3

Update 2

에이플분들을 위해 둥사진 투척~!!!^^ 오늘 공연 하는데 옆쪽에서 에이플 친구들이 우리 노래도 같이 부르구 춤도추고 같이 즐겨주셨어요. 훈훈해!훈훈해! 캬~ 역시 즐길줄아는 분들이시구만요! 이사진은 이번앨범 첫방때 놀러갔다가 찍은 사진이에요! 비율종결자 개똥이ㅋㅋ

A picture of Dong for all the A+~!!!^^ The A+ fans were next to us and sang/danced along during our performance. Warm! Warm! Kya~ We enjoyed it as well! *This is the first picture she’s taken in the promotions for this new album?*! ㅋㅋ

Update 1

와~!!!^.^ 무대가 끝났습니다!!! 짝짝짝! 오랜만에 무대인데 이 추운날 랙잭이들이 많이 와줘서 너무 고맙고 신났어요! +.+ 가까이서 얼굴보고 같이 놀았더니 좋네요ㅋㅋ 이런 느낌 오랜만이야! 꺅! 다들 조심히 들어가구 집에 들어가면 문자해요!^^/ 빠이~

Wah~!!!^.^ Performance is finished!!! Clap clap clap! It’s been a while since we performed and on a cold night, we’re so thankful for your support! +.+ it was good to see you all and play togetherㅋㅋ Haven’t felt like this for a while! Kkyak! Be careful going home everyone!^^/ Bye~

Source: Dara’s Me2day


Video: [Updated] 2NE1 at 2010 MTV VMAJ

Credit: ohdara1


Big Bang and 2NE1 Performances at VMAJ 2010! 🙂