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Photos: More HQ/HD Behind-The-Scenes Photos of “Dr. Ian” Web Drama from Drama Publisher, SOY WORKS

Yaaaayyyy~! Much love to Soy Works for the amazing photographs and cinematography! ❤

Adorable, cute, gorgeous Lee So Dam!!! ❤





Ack, Lee So Dam with Dae Soo.. Aigoo.. T_T


With Dr. Ian~!!! ❤



Check out the cut for more pics! ❤


Line: “Tokki” Actress Dara Shares the Stress of Filming, the Difficulty of the Rabbit Mascot Costume, and Lee So Dam~ “Tired, but I Did my Best”

Awww, Dara is eloquent with words, really.. ❤ I love her attitude, that’s one of the first things that drew me to her.. Her beautiful personality.. ❤


Dr. Ian’s filming site had a tense atmosphere, here’s a picture of when we were rehearsing for a scene before filming. It was also a burden not to fall asleep because we were up at dawn for filming for two days, so we were all sleepy ㅋㅋㅋEven though we only got the script for a short time, we still went on passionately. But… As the days passed, the scenes became more and more difficult ㅋㅋㅋ We were all getting to be magnificently tired now that I look back on it ㅋㅋㅋ However, I was still given the opportunity to act, so I’m satisfied ^_^

Although I’m sure that I lacked much in some areas, but I did my best, so I’m satisfied~ This really gave me an opportunity to learn a lot of things!!! Kyaahhhh… But even with all the stress, I see my back looking like that, would I see a world comedy…?! Ah ㅠㅠ That costume… I suffered a lot in that rabbit costume and I wonder how many episodes it will be shown in, however, it’s a funny story I can talk about in the future. Before shooting the rabbit scenes, I had a silly thought that I would be really pleased at how Ssantokki would very much look the part, but it was hard ㅋㅋㅋ

Ah… I would badly miss playing So Dam… However, I know that I’ll meet her again during broadcast and understand her more and maybe talk about her a lot too~ When she feels lacking, please wish her well and give her good thoughts~ I’m not showing bias, but~ she’s so timid, so encouragement is good!!! Okay?!? And point out what you like too… Is taht okay? ^^;; If you like, give praise!!! Give compliments in whicheer language suits your stile!!! Okay?! Go~~~!!! >.< 


Source: Dara Line Play

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Instagram: Dishevelled “Brown” Mascot Dara Encourages Fans to Watch out for Dr. Ian Coming Out Soon ~ Promotion in 4 Languages!

Dara updated in four languages! English, Tagalog, Japanese, and Chines! Kekeke, our goddess is indeed a woman of many talents and skills.. ❤ It basically says the same thing, to “anticipate and watch out for web drama, Dr. Ian” in the messages.. ^^ And awwww, how cute is dishevelled Dara! This is from the scene where she was wearing the Brown mascot costume.. ^^


#닥터이안 커밍쑨
coming soon
Abangan niyo ang web drama ko na Dr. Ian malapit na!!!
WEBドラマ ドクター•イアン 期待して下さいね .
Dr. Ian D-10


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Photos: More Behind-The-Scenes Pictures of Gorgeous, Cute Dara in her “Cony” Mascot Costume

Why hello there gorgeous! Even while wearing a mascot costume, Dara still looks utterly gorgeous! ❤






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Photo: Sweet Dara Introduces Shy, Unconfident Lee So Dam to her Japanese Fans ~ “Let’s Watch Over Her Together!”

Dara introducing So Dam to everyone.. ❤ The Japanese fans will love So dam too, for sure! ❤


Let me introduce So dam. Although she’s a coward who has no confidence and is easily scared, she still has a warm heart. And whe will continue to change in the future. Please watch over her and let us support her together!


Source: Adventures of Dar~Rabbit Japanese Blog

Translated by: 

Photos: HD/HQ OhDara/ WeLoveDara Screencaps of Gorgeous, Expressive Actress Dara as “Lee So Dam” in “Dr. Ian” Trailers

Caps, caps, caps! Sorry I just posted these now. I had to sort through almost 8000 caps and edit each one.. ❤ The cinematography is stunning, and Dara’s face is beautiful and her expressions are just jjang and priceless. While I was sorting, I had to stop a couple of times, just to admire Dara’s expressions and how she just gave it her all.. ❤













More, more, more caps below the cut and in the gallery! ❤


Twitter: Lee Sanghyun Shares a Picture Collage Showing Adorable So-Dam’s Expressions

Hello there cute, beautiful, and totally adorable Lee So Dam! ❤ I can’t wait to meet you, cry and laugh with you, and love you to bits.. Kekeke! ❤ Can’t March 30th come sooner? T_T




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Line: Shy Lee So Dam Makes an Appearance in Dara’s Line Play Diary~ “When You Look at my Appearance, Please See So Dam, Not Dara”

Whey hello there shy So Dam.. ❤ As expected, she was wearing extensions, and whoa, she did dye her hair black.. ^_^ But in the other pics, it showed her hair brown? So maybe she died it after? Kekeke! Anyways, cannot wait to watch “Dr. Ian,” we’re excited and so happy for it, Dara-ya! Sandara Park, fighting! Lee So Dam, fighting! ❤


Title: Its Already last day of February

“My long hair cut was gorgeous (of course I’m using a fake extension keke) For So Dam role I only did simple transformation like dyeing my hair black, its just like the day before yesterday when I did my first shoot my heart was quivering that time.. February the coldest month has ended already.

This last 6 years has been remarkable and unique but I think I made a lot of changes in this So Dam transformation. I’m unfamiliar rider and also I don’t have power shoulder, my awkward appearance *keukeukeuk*

Meanwhile Blackjacks I wish that when you looks at my appearance you will see me as So Dam and not a Dara. Sometimes ago I went to newsroom to look at the pictures *kekeke* it was amazing and more fun!”



Source: Dara Line Play Diary

Translated by: @21GYDTS

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Instagram: “Shy Girl So Dam” Wishes Everyone a Happy Weekend

So Dam is bae! ❤ Even when she’s looking shy and a bit terrified, she still looks so pretty.. ❤ Love her hairstyle like this, in soft waves.. ❤


So Dam wishes you a happy weekend~ Happy Sunday~ from shy girl Sodam



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Photos: “Dr. Ian” Web Drama Staff Shares Pictures of Beautiful Lee So Dam~ “So Much Fun! Please Look Forward”

Oh my gosh, Dara is looking so so so perfect! Even while she is looking sleepy, she still looks so pretty.. ❤

I cannot wait to see Lee So Dam! ❤ Fighting on your drama! We will always support you! ❤



Ur may expect. because…. There is so much fun!! Hahaha~ photo throwing~~ dara



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