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Video: 150501 MR Removed of Jinusean’s “Tell Me One More Time” featuring Lovely Dara on KBS Music Bank

[Mr removed] Tell Me One More Time – Jinusean ft. Dara @ Music Bank 150501


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Official/Video: 150501 Jinusean Performs “Tell Me One More Time” Featuring Stunning, Chic Dara at KBS Music Bank

OMG!!!! Hello singer Dara! It’s been a while! Ah, seriously I don’t know what to say about their performance T_T I love it! Love it! Love it!!! Dara was so awesome! I don’t know why but I was all smiles while watching their performance! Her energy on stage was very infectious that it makes you want to get up and dance too! ^^

Dara unnie, seriously, what kind of charm do you possess?! It’s deadly! Very, very deadly! Kekeke!

We’re very happy to see you playing on stage again! Thank you inuSean oppas for featuring Dara unnie!!! ❤

JINUSEAN – ‘한번 더 말해줘 (TELL ME ONE MORE TIME)’ (feat.DARA) 0501 KBS Music Bank


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Photos: 150501 Fantaken Pictures of Pretty Dara Leaving the Venue After Music Bank

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Instagram: Gorgeous Singer Dara Shares A Photo with JinuSean ~ “Jinusean~!!! oppas are still so cool!”

FireShot Capture - Sandara Park on Instagram_ “지누션~!!! 지누션~!!_ - https___instagram.com_p_2I6jAniS9o_

JinuSean~!!! Jinusean~!!! oppas~~today was so fun~!!! oppas are still so cool!!! >.<



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Video: 150501 Press Coverage of Dara and other Artists Arriving at KBS Building for Music Bank

[S영상] KBS ‘뮤직뱅크’ 아이돌 ‘출근길’ 모습 포착 150501


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Video: 150501 Fancam of Dara and other Artists Arriving at KBS Building for Music Bank

[직캠]fancam 20150501 kpop kbs Music Bank 방탄소년단,AOA지민,김예림,오마이걸,CLC,지누션(산다라박) 레드벨벳(예리)뮤직뱅크 출근길


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Photos: 150501 HQ Fantaken Pictures of Bright Dara on Her Way to KBS Music Bank


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Photos: 150501 Press Pictures of Gorgeous, Red Lady Dara on Her Way to KBS Music Bank Studio

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Photos: 150501 Fantaken Pics of Lovely Dara Arriving at KBS Music Bank Studio for “Tell Me One More Time” Performance with JinuSean

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