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More press pics after the cut!

download (1)201505010958371810_1 201505011002381810_1 201505010943181810_1201505010945071810_1201505010956431810_1201505010939204555_l201505010949074221_l1430441108_8966701430441066_8966681430440963_8966631430440538_8966582015050101000002800000381 »ê´Ù¶ó¹Ú, '¼³·¹´Â Ãâ±Ù±æ'»ê´Ù¶ó¹Ú, 'ÀÎÇüÀÌ ÀÎÇüÀ» µé¾ú³×~'

     1430448449_896792    »ê´Ù¶ó¹Ú, '¸ð´×¿£Á©ÀÇ ºñŸ¹Î ¹Ì¼Ò'


Source: Naver + As Tagged

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

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