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Magazine/Interview: Highlights of YG Family Concert in iWeekly



Question: Among the 2NE1 members, who brings up the mood? Who is the most mischievous?

The four of us is the best. Bom is the most mischievous. She likes to kiss people and always bullies Dara!


Question: During “All Or Nothing” World Tour, Dara showed her abs. Will she do it this time?

Dara: Keke My abs went on a holiday, so nope!

Question: Did Big Bang and 2NE1 suggest to you (WINNER) a good place to visit in Singapore?

Answer: 2NE1 wanted to visit the Merlion.

Translated by: @thisisfayyye

Scan: Pretty Dara on Singaporean Magazine iWeekly’s Issue #798


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