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Dara Fashion Find: ‘Goth Loli’ Dara Wears Saint Laurent Wool Dress in 2NE1’s “I Miss You” MV Teaser

I really like this dress! It seems that it’s also a dress worn by Jennie Kim during a stage performing with G-Dragon, but I really think Dara looks so good in it! She gave the dress a twist to her own personality and it looks both edgy and feminine.. ❤ Loving the arm covers and wide-brim hat too.. ^^ Like I said on Twitter, “Doesn’t Dara look a bit goth-lolli-ish?” Kekeke! ^^



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News: 2NE1 Announces Comeback and World Tour, Reveals MV Teaser

Double Park Announces 2NE1 World Tour and Shows Teaser for New Song


As announced, 2NE1’s Sandara Park and Park Bom came as Double Park to announced 2NE1’s upcoming comeback.

On November 18, Double Park held its urgent press conference, where Sandara Park and Park Bom announced 2NE1’s upcoming global tour in March of 2014. The members will visit Seoul, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and China.

2NE1 will also be releasing its new song, I Miss You on November 21 at midnight.

Making the announcements a lot more entertaining, Minzy and CL acted as reporters to ask questions. Reporter Minzy asked when 2NE1 Minzy’s solo song will be released, as it was recorded in 2011. Park Bom replied, “We’re all thinking positively about Minzy’s solo,” before moving along.

Reporter CL asked when 2NE1’s next album will be released. Park Bom replied, “No one knows, not even the daughter-in-law (a Korean saying to imply that no one knows).”

Sandara Park gave a short preview of 2NE1’s I Miss You instead.

The teaser can be seen at the end of the conference.

Credits: Mnet Mwave


2NE1 Announces Comeback and World Tour, Reveals MV Teaser


Great news for 2NE1 fans!

On November 18, unnies Park Bom and Sandara Park aka Double Park released a video from their “urgent press conference.”

The first thing they talked about was their world tour, which will kickstart in March next year starting in Seoul and will also hit up countries in Asia including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan.

The Park sisters also discussed 2NE1’s comeback, which will be just in a few days on November 21 and they’ll drop their new song “I’m Lonely (English title pending) as well as the music video at midnight.

The emotional track fits perfectly well with the night scene. The girls cried many times while recording the song in the recording studio and Dara, in particular, used up a whole box of kleenex to wipe her tears.

There was a section where reporters had a chance to ask questions and members Minzyand CL made special appearances as reporters.

The whole press conference was done in typical Double Park fashion, but if you want to fast forward to the music video teaser, go to the 7:29 mark. Enjoy!

Credits: Soompi

Video: 2NE1’s New Single “I Miss You” Music Video Teaser ~ Our Girls are Back!

HOLY MOLY! The teaser looks awesome! And OMG OMG OMG the song sounds so good already! I can tell it’s going to be addicting, kekeke, the opening harmonies sound so good. T_T This is it, our girls are coming back and I am drowning in feels!

2NE1 I Miss You MV Teaser

Credits: 21NOKIO

Guys, can I just cry from how good Dara looks? T_T Her dress, the big hat, the arm covers.. T_T She looks so perfect and cute and pretty ack ack ack.. TT


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