I really like this dress! It seems that it’s also a dress worn by Jennie Kim during a stage performing with G-Dragon, but I really think Dara looks so good in it! She gave the dress a twist to her own personality and it looks both edgy and feminine.. ❤ Loving the arm covers and wide-brim hat too.. ^^ Like I said on Twitter, “Doesn’t Dara look a bit goth-lolli-ish?” Kekeke! ^^



Source: Net-A-Porter + @donnyroyalty

Edited by: OhDara

Comments on: "Dara Fashion Find: ‘Goth Loli’ Dara Wears Saint Laurent Wool Dress in 2NE1’s “I Miss You” MV Teaser" (20)

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  3. Dara looks like an anime gothic-lolita character :3 It really suits her…

  4. Psssshhh! Whatever. She looks good in it. End of story.

  5. when i saw it i knew Dara would look good in vintage fashion. when i saw the brand i wonder if it’s her own since Dara currently breathes saint laurent from head to toe for the past few sightings. then i remember Jennie and the other girls were also wearing saint laurent… lol i dont know anymore. bottom line is the dress suits her

  6. Even if Jennie wore it way before Dara did, she owned this look! She look like a character from an American horror story.

  7. Liana, this is delusional but maybe Dara chose that dress for a reason… Dara has worn all kinds of clothes that matches other people or jewelry or the same material in a different style… or simply because it does look cute on her. Its ok cause in the end we all love her and support her always!

  8. You know Yg family.. They all have the same stylist.. But dara great on it..sooo fashion forward

  9. Really now???? out of all the things you’ll prioritize is to hate on something? my gosh! GROW UP!

    • not hating, just wondering why??? because usually it’s the other way around. I mean seniors wearing it first before passing to the juniors.

      Good thing though because Dara can pull off any outfit and make it her own and her stylist did good this time by adding the hat, the arm covers and even her shoes making the style look totally new.

      Just my opinion is it’s an MV, so they should’ve gotten something all new for the girls to wear and not recycled ones. Plus for sure Dara will wear this outfit in some of their promotions because they always do that wear the clothes on MV in their live shows.

  10. Our Birthday girl said:

    recycled clothes again?! he’s so stingy!! -__-

  11. I looked for Jenny wearing that dress and did not find it. She wore other black dresses. I don’t mind when the 2NE1 ladies exchange clothing because they are best friends and like sisters. It would be weird if Jenny wore it but no matter, because for us, Dara rocks it everytime. She adds her color, her personality and most of all her beauty and stands out above the rest!

    • She’s wearing it in this performance with GD. But Dara made it looked different with the accessories. 2NE1 wears each others clothes so it’s no big deal. Their family after all. Let’s just focus on how this look compliments dara.

      And, is her hair white? Doesn’t look blonde anymore! 😀 Hahahaha! 😀 YG Family putting white hair back. 😀

  12. I so love this look on her. She looks so stylish!

    • but why would YG make Dara wear something recycled and worn already by a junior??!!!? Don’t like that idea

  13. BunnieUnnie said:

    she looks younger wearing this dress..unnie so cute!~~~<3

  14. OMG…So expensive !

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