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Instagram: Dara Shows Off her New Kicks to Complete her “Hip to the Hop” Look~ “Practicing Script!”

Dara in her over-sized “hip-hop” clothes.. Kekekeke! XD Wonder what this script practice is for? ^^


Its been a long time since I wear matching colors and practicing script… hip to the hop!!! 😁

Primo Jordan reposted Dara’s photo and updated with:

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Its been a long time since I wear matching colors… hip to the hop!!! 😁

I think the size 235 for her footwear is too big ㅜㅜ
Her body and heart is nice like a baby#Sandara~❤️

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Feature: All About 2NE1’s Hip-Hop Looks: Real Hip-Hop vs. Sexy Hip-Hop

All About 2NE1’s Hip-Hop Looks: Real Hip-Hop vs. Sexy Hip-Hop


[by MinJin Park] 2NE1 is one of Korea’s famous Hip-hop girl groups. Many people love 2NE1 for not only their powerful rap and musicality, but also for their fashion style.

Their style seems to be motivated by hip-hop. Hip-hop look is an element of hip-hop culture. Good examples would be a snapback, beanie as well as over-sized t-shirt, pants and necklace. However, today’s hip-hop look is a little bit different from the past. It is mix-matched with other fashion style.

Not to mention, celebrities do affect a fashion trend and especially idols play a huge role in creating a trend. Without a doubt, 2NE1 is one of idols affecting trends dramatically.

The whirligig of trend often makes many people confused what to buy or wear. Let’s learn what is in trend today and predict upcoming trend by identifying 2NE1’s style.

◆ Real Hip-Hop Look Never Goes Wrong – Dara & Minzy


There was a big boom from 1990s to early in 2000: A Real Hip-hop Look

Korea’s hip-hop musicians such as DJ DOC, Drunken Tiger and Untitle brought typical hip-hop fashion from New York, a hometown of Hip-hop.

2NE1’s Dara matched a loose shirt with a beanie. Both items were often used during the beginning stage of hip-hop look. Especially a big shirt can be a cute item for a small-sized woman.

Minzy also made her real hip-hop look with a typical hip-hop item, snapback. The cropped sleeveless shirt, destroyed jean and chain also boosted her hip-hop styling.

◆ Hip-hop Can Be Sexy Too – CL & Bom


Every summer, woman wears shorter and less. Hip-hop look is not an exception. Sexy hip-hop look, led by Lee Hyori in the beginning of 2000 is returned again for 2014 summer.

CL often appears in a sexy look with a cropped shirt and mini flare skirt to highlight her hotness. However, she becomes even sexier with hip-hop look. For instance, she wore a bikini with a bucket hat and sunglasses.

Bom completed her sexy hip-hop look with a loose jacket with typography printed. A pair of red mesh stockings was more than enough to make her look sexy.

Sexy hip-hop look can make a person sexy without much exposure.