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Twitter/Photo: Mingkki Tweets a Picture with Her Dara Unnie – “Facebook is so Cool”

And the fake and real maknae love is going strong! ^^ OMG I love Mingkki’s hair! ^_^ And Dara’s neon green beanie is with her, kekeke! ❤

“Facebook is so cool :)”


Source: Minzy’s Twitter (@mingkki21)

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photo: Smiling 2NE1 for Intel Korea’s New Cover Photo on Facebook

Cute and colorful 2NE1! ^_^

Source: Intel Korea’s Facebook

Videos: Sound Clips of “Make Thumb Noise” Project Round 1!

Love love love the fact that they used different BTS clips for each CF! Which one do you like best? Remember that the clip that wins Round 1 basically sets the base of the entire song, so let’s choose wisely. XD

[Make Thumb Noise] Round 1-1

[Make Thumb Noise] Round 1-2

[Make Thumb Noise] Round 1-3


Facebook: Dara posts a message for 2NE1 fans in the Philippines

Trans: Wassup Pinoy Blackjacks?! We’re excited to party with you guys in Manila on June 4. We also have friends who’ll join us at the party like Christian Bautista, etc.  It’s not just a 2NE1 show but a show of various artists as well.  And if our party’s a success, who knows we’ll be back again for a full pledged 2NE1 show! I hope you invite us again. See you all soon!!! Let’s play 2NE1!

Source: 2NE1 @ Facebook