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140302 Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) ~Waahhh~!!!>.< I've been sending wreaths to Cheondung but receiving one from him feels different~!!!

Cute and Sweet  Park Siblings even added Dadoong to the Wreath ha..ha..ha..


Waahhh~!!!>.< I’ve been sending wreaths to Cheondung but receiving one from him feels different~!!! To my lovely dongsaengs (younger siblings) ♥ Because of you, big noona id happy ^.^


Wreath message: “From Cheondung & Dadoong & Rami. It’s GOTTA BE big noona.”


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @kjop21

Twitter/Photo: Halmony (@halmony88) Teases Dara with a Photo of Durami in Manila

Kekeke! Halmony is making Dara envious with photos of Durami enjoying her stay in Manila! I bet Dara wants to follow too but can’t because of a busy schedule! T_T


Halmony: @krungy21 . . Good morning Ate (Unnie) !!


Twitter: Halmony Tweets a Picture with Dara’s Younger Sister Durami – “Please Take Care of Her!”

Omo, Durami! It’s great seeing Dara’s younger sister! ^^ This is Dara’s younger sister, Durami, and Thunder’s “little noona,” as he often refers her to. ^^ She’s the middle child.. ^^ It seems that she’s in Manila, Philippines for a visit! ^^


Halmony: @krungy21 Hi unnie!! We miss you already!!

Dara: @halmony88 You guys take care~ and enjoy!!! 🙂 I’m jealous of you guys! Hehe

Bratinella: @halmony88 @krungy21 Halmeoni, just text me with whatever plans you have

Dara: @bratinella @halmony88 Please take care of Durami 🙂 Thanks to my krungerz unnie!!!


Source: @halmony88 + @krungy21

Re-uploaded and translated  by: OhDara