Kekeke! Halmony is making Dara envious with photos of Durami enjoying her stay in Manila! I bet Dara wants to follow too but can’t because of a busy schedule! T_T


Halmony: @krungy21 . . Good morning Ate (Unnie) !!


Source: @halmony88

Comments on: "Twitter/Photo: Halmony (@halmony88) Teases Dara with a Photo of Durami in Manila" (12)

  1. angelnsickroom said:

    Durami is actually gorgeous.I love her face.No makeup but still pretty.

  2. Durami still looks the same! She’s very cute! ^^

  3. she somehow looks like lee hi..keke so cute …

  4. It’s OK! We all have different point of views. What important is, we all love Dara.

  5. why compare? Durami has her own beauty herself different from her siblings,It reminds me of myself, people think that i look different from my sibling I’m more on chinese look compared to my hispanic look siblings, but we still love each other.

  6. all of them (park siblings) when they have time they really going back to phil. they must have missed their life and friends there! 🙂

  7. her eyes/nose got on her mother while her face shape/chin on her father…
    while dara and thunder more on her mother side just the shape of their face to their father..
    well, thats what i’ve notice/observation… inshort they’re really siblings kkkk…

  8. Their lips are all similar to each other…

  9. I’m not intending to bash her, but she looks different from her siblings and a bit older than Dara too.

    • theyseemetrollintheyhatin said:

      That’s the point though, they are siblings not twins. I am sure you do not look exactly like your sibling. When i see durami i can see dara and that’s all that matter. Anyway, i think pointing it out is really dumb (i am not intending to bash you) and thoughtless.

      • agree! we cant argue they are siblings if we base on facial features.

      • Sorry if I was trying to be cautious so as not to offend anyone (This is a fansite specifically for Dara fans afterall). Also, I notice how people often throw the words dumb, stupid or fool to prove an argument. I would just like to point out that my opinion isn’t any less brilliant than yours. It may be different, but it’s not stupid.

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