YES! Our fiercesome foursome are finally gracing the pages of different magazines!!! Thank you! They are looking so beautiful in different concepts! Do I smell a comeback sometime soon? Yes please!










Comments on: "Photos: 2NE1 for Elle, Allure, Marie Claire and Harper’s Bazaar Magazines (March Issues)" (20)

  1. is it just me…or that pic of dara really screams….actress!!…LOL…anyway so excited for this….finally dara in her normal gorgeous self……showing some skin..,,,love the innocence piu elegant and sexyness

    also like bom’s concept….love the colors…

  2. minzy- funky and chic
    cl- baddest babe
    bom- spring princess
    dara- goddess of ethereal beauty
    ❤ i L-O-V-E 2ne1!!! ❤

  3. Dara can really be a print model. She really knows how to project. All the girls are beautiful. 2ne1 comeback, wohoo!

  4. DARA GODDESS in WHITE!!!! super love it!!!!!

    And 2NE1 too. I will gonna buy all of their magz since i am supporting my 2NE1..

    So Sooooo loooooove it!!!!!

  5. If you guys recall when Dara has that Valentines day video where she was wearing white, I think that’s for this shoot.
    I wanted her in colors. Red lipstick where art though? huhu

  6. one photo says it all….one shot and she killed it already..that’s all we need!

  7. you know why I love them the most?because everything they do is refreshing
    its always something new…yeah WOW for the reason that we don’t actually
    see them frequently looking like this its always new

    Minky is already a leady..a sexy one
    CL is always chic
    Bommie I always love her but love her the most when she goes on simple make up kekek
    and Dara babamm she’s just simply a goddess…an angel face w/ alluring lips and captivating eyes..a skin to die for and always pose like a pro..

  8. i’m dying to see Dara’s other pics. so flawless from head to toe.
    Bom’s really pretty without those heavy eyeliners

  9. comeback time Whooo!!! they look adorable esp Bommie

  10. I loove Minzy here! She’s so stylish! And our Dara is oh so naturèl, me likey!!!

  11. all i can say they are WOW!!!!!!! 2NE1 comeback please….!!!!

  12. OH MY GOD! the girls looking ssoooo amazing!!! Need more pic please..^^

  13. They all look so gorgeous! I love that it fits all of them… I hope that they go for this look for their comeback. Now that I think about it, in the Starcall video Dara was wearing white. Could it be that it was also for her Elle pictorial? Hope we see more of the pics. Surely, those magazines will be sold out! 🙂

  14. maybe they save it for the last best shot.. its their weapon..dara yeah!,. fighting!!!!!!!!!11

  15. 1 picture only for dara? she’s sexy and captivating.

  16. beautiful Girls!! but why 1 photo of Dara? but still she’s gorgeous!!!

  17. only 1 photo from dara ?? 😦

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