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News: 2NE1 Congratulates Teddy And Wishes They Were in Relationships Too

2NE1 Congratulates Teddy And Wishes They Were in Relationships Too


2NE1 recently congratulated YG Entertainment’s biggest producer Teddy on his recently publicized relationship with actress Han Ye Seul.

On November 25, the news of Teddy and Han Ye Seul dating broke and drew much public interest. According to reports, the couple began dating six months ago.

On the same day, 2NE1 was being interviewed at a local pub and asked if they knew beforehand that their producer Teddy was dating someone. “We had no idea,” they confessed.

We see Teddy when he’s at work in the studio, but since we like to joke around a lot – he’s more like an older brother to us. Once we heard the news, we were really surprised. There was nothing different about the way he acted around us. Even while we were working on our music video, he looked over all the details, including our clothes, and didn’t seem the slightest bit different. So hearing that he was dating someone was sort of a surprise,” saidCL. The members then clapped and congratulated Teddy on his new relationship.

When asked about their own personal lives, CL replied, “I don’t have a love life. I really do want to date.” She then asked the other members, “If you had a boyfriend, would you want to tell everyone?”

Park Bom responded by saying, “I think it’s because of CEO Yang Hyun Suk that there haven’t been any guys. They might be intimidated because of our stardom, since they hardly ever try to approach us.”

Sandara Park chimed in, “It’s been a long time since Yang Hyun Suk lifted the dating ban, but I still haven’t found a boyfriend yet – so it’s even more depressing.”

CL added, “Minzy and I are still under the dating ban, but saw that nothing happened when the unnies were finally free to date. I thought, ‘Ah…I guess even if you’re free to date, nothing really happens either,’” causing everyone to laugh.

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Interview: Sandara Park, “Even Though I’m Released from our Dating Ban… I’m Still Single”

Sandara Park, “Even Though I’m Released from our Dating Ban… I’m Still Single”


2NE1 member Sandara Park reflects on her social life now that she has been freed from her dating ban.

On the 9th, Sandara Park revealed in an interview with Star Today, at an undisclosed venue in Hongik University in Seoul, that YG Entertainment CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, personally told her that her “dating ban” has been lifted last year.

2NE1’s CL said that this dating ban on relationships had started since their debut, “The unnies (Park Bom, Sandara Park) were freed from the dating ban last year. We had a dating ban so as to focus on work, but they were released last year, with their ages in mind. Minzy and I will be released next year,” she said.

She added, “We don’t go out very much, we only go to music shows once a week, we don’t go to variety shows, so we don’t have a lot of chances to meet other celebrities. We always work, so we don’t get that much opportunity to meet people. Since we debuted, we didn’t have a lot of chances to have a break,” she said with a heavy heart.

Sandara Park added, “I’m mostly at home, and I don’t see myself asking someone out or going out on casual dates,” she said, “Although our dating ban has been lifted, it’s still pitiable. Until last year, I had a dating ban, but now that it’s ended I think that it feels even weirder.” she said.

Sandara Park also revealed, “Even our president (Yang Hyun Suk), asked me, ‘Shouldn’t you have met someone already’ sometimes,” she added, “I would really appreciate it if someone confidently asks me out,” she said with a smile.

Sandara Park said, “We should take our promotions and activities for ‘Falling In Love,’ as opportunities to go out more,” revealing expectations of natural meetings with other people (as opposed to being set-up on dates or something like that).

Finally, Sandara Park said, “In response to reporters asking me, ‘Why don’t you look around the people near your brother, Thunder?‘ well I asked him that too. And all he said was, ‘Noona needs to date a really good man.’ As a younger brother, he must not be satisfied. I also think that that it will be inappropriate to date my brother’s friends,” she said with a laugh.

On the other hand, 2NE1 released their newest single, “Falling In Love,” at midnight on the 8th, making a comeback after a year. 2NE1 garnered a hot response and dominated the music charts with their own take on reggae genre with “Falling In Love,” showing their many charms and unique colors.

2NE1 will be making their comeback stage via Mnet’s “M!Countdown” on the 11th.


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