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Photos: Scans of 2NE1’s Magazine for Japan Fans ~ “Special Thanks to Blackjack Nolza”

Blackjack Nolza are so lucky, because they have this awesome magazine.. ❤ I love it! I love the cover photo.. T_T I so so so miss the girls.. T_T







Source: @2NE1_chisa

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Twitter: Jay McGuiness of The Wanted the Loyal Blackjack

Jay is such a loyal fanboy of 2NE1, a blackjack indeed. Still remember his tweet last May 31 and November 21, 2012? Those who forgotten it, see screencap of his tweet  below…kkk

And how he wanted to ask Will I Am about the Girls last November 21, 2012 but got to nervous..kkk

Now he is following Dara and Minzy in Twitter


Source: @JayTheWanted

Capped by: OhDara

Twitter: DARAlice (@krungy21) Makes Daraling’s Wishes Come True in Blackjackland


Dara decided to make all our wishes come true and updated with a photo of her in her Alice in Wonderland costume! Even in her costume, she still keeps the Blackjack love alive!

Thank you so much Dara! You look absolutely adorable! T_T



Credit: @krungy21

Twitter: Jay McGuiness Of The Wanted Met With Will.I.Am To Ask About 2NE1, But…

Kekekeke.. OMG why did he bail out though? XD Love how Jay is such a Blackjack! ^^


Source: @JayTheWanted

Capped by: OhDara

Video: 2NE1 Japan Official Fanclub「BLACKJACK NOLZA」

Ooooh! This video is actually for members of 2NE1’s official fanclub in Japan! In the video, we can see behind-the-scenes footage of the girls at Springroove, the girls interviewing Verbal in English, and them celebrating Bom’s birthday with a cake! Keke so cute! ^_^

Source: 2NE1@Youtube