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Photo: 120912 2NE1 with Verbal and Yoon of Ambush Backstage in Yokohama


Source: Yoon’s Twitter
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 120803 2NE1 at A-Nation’s OTO MATSURI (Japan)


Twitter/Photos: Matt Cab Tweets Photos of 2NE1 from A-Nation OTO MATSURI

Twitter/Photos: Verbal (@VERBAL_AMBUSH) Tweets About 2NE1 at A-Nation OTO MATSURI


Twitter+Photos: Gorgeous 2NE1 with M-Flo’s Verbal at New Evolution Concert in Seoul

\Woot! M-Flo’s Verbal updated his Twitter with this photo during the concert! ^^

After the concert, he uploaded a picture with happy-looking 2NE1 backstage! ^^ THE GIRLS LOOK A-MA-ZING!!!! <333

Source: Verbal’s Twitter

Video: A-Nation Musicweek’s Teaser with 2NE1, M-Flo and J Soul Brothers

Verbal Presents Otomatsuri will be on August 3, 2012. ^_^ 2NE1 will be performing with Verbal and J Soul Brothers on that night.

Credit: mflo10yrs@YouTube

Video: 2NE1 Japan Official Fanclub「BLACKJACK NOLZA」

Ooooh! This video is actually for members of 2NE1’s official fanclub in Japan! In the video, we can see behind-the-scenes footage of the girls at Springroove, the girls interviewing Verbal in English, and them celebrating Bom’s birthday with a cake! Keke so cute! ^_^

Source: 2NE1@Youtube