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Twitter: Jay McGuiness of The Wanted the Loyal Blackjack

Jay is such a loyal fanboy of 2NE1, a blackjack indeed. Still remember his tweet last May 31 and November 21, 2012? Those who forgotten it, see screencap of his tweet  below…kkk

And how he wanted to ask Will I Am about the Girls last November 21, 2012 but got to nervous..kkk

Now he is following Dara and Minzy in Twitter


Source: @JayTheWanted

Capped by: OhDara

Article: 2NE1 Fan Shirt Spotted On Boy Band The Wanted [PHOTOS]

K-pop spreads across the globe, 2NE1 is receiving a lot of attention from international celebrities and publications.

As some Blackjacks may know, 2NE1 is particularly adored by Jay, a member of the English-Irish boy band The Wanted.

Recently, a photo of Jay wearing a 2NE1 T-shirt while signing autographs has spread online, delighting Blackjacks everywhere.

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This is not the first time Jay has shown his love of 2NE1. You can catch him singing “I Am the Best” below:

With 2NE1 preparing their second world tour and a new album, it is nice to know that international celebrities are also keeping their eyes on the YG girl group.

But The Wanted is not the only one touting 2NE1 fashion.

2NE1 along with fellow YG labelmates Taeyang and G-Dragon of Big Bang are featured in a recent feature by New York Magazine, highlighting K-pop fashion.

In particular, the magazine highlights 2NE1 for their stunning airport fashion and ever-changing looks.

After appearing on “The Bachelor,” it seems the 2NE1 brand is expanding rapidly across the world.

Hopefully a new album will soon follow which Blackjacks have been patiently waiting for.