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Fashion Find: Dara Goes ORANGE with Alexander Wang at the Semyung University Festival

BRIGHT, SIMPLE, BEAUTIFUL! These are just some of the words that best describe Dara. Those words also describe what she wore to the Semyung University Festival earlier today. I love that its chic and simple but at the same time bright orange which is a reflection of Dara’s personality and smile.

This chic and simple top by Alexander Wang costs around £285.00!

Thank you so much to @Jigsaw_03 for the tip!

Dara Fashion Find: Dara Wears Balmain And Alexander Wang To Intel Ultrabook Launching Event!

Love Dara’s look! Love her black jacket with the big gold buttons the most. The engraving is a peacock. Kekeke! ^^

Credits: As tagged – WeLoveDara/ OhDara

Dara Fashion Find: Alexander Wang and Derek Lam for Nikon DSLR D3200 BTS Photoshoot

I love love love Dara’s white outfit! ^_^ She looks classy while maintaining her fun personality with the Alexander Wang head-to-toe look!

I find her yellow and blue outfit a little generic but we can see Goddess Dara’s curves and “cute little butt” (according to Bom) in the cute outfit. We aren’t that sure about Dara’s blue pencil skirt because its pretty generic but Prada was the closest we could find. ^_^

What do you guys think about Dara’s looks?

Fashion: Dara turns into a Rocker-Chic for ‘To Anyone’

With their previous album, 2NE1 had changed the course of fashion with their tacky and child-like, but stylish, the so-called ‘kitsch’ fashion with a mix of hip-hop. But since it was a year ago, 2NE1 spices it up with their new rocker-chic style that will surely conquer the world.

2NE1’s previous stylist Yang Seung Ho (aka Yanggeng) and Danny Lee (aka Sexy Danny Lee) have always placed the girls in trend-setting styles. But during April-May 2010 period, YG Entertainment changed 2NE1’s stylist as Yang Seung Ho began his military service and Daniel decided to go back to London to continue his studies. Now, Seo Han Young and Lee Han Jung, designers for the underground label Viva-H, and good friends of Yanggeng and Danny, are 2NE1′s new female styling duo.

Check out what Dara wore in their promotional pics after the cut <3!! (more…)