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Photo: Another Picture of Edgy Double Park for Adidas Originals

Oooohh, cannot wait to see the web pictures! This campaign looks so cool! I hope we get the new pictures in HQ soon. T_T


Source: @Planet2NE1

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Photos: Park Sisters + 2NE1 Group Pictures for Endorsement Materials Inside Adidas Stores

Park sisters in the malls for Adidas Originals! Looking pretty yet edgy! ❤

BRxFQPzCYAEpCHD.jpg large

A clearer look at 2NE1’s Adidas poster. ^^

BRkK2OrCEAEQY7c.jpg large



Sources: @BJYING + @SuperBoyKLite

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Photo: Snoop Dogg Uploads A Photo of 2NE1 – “Tha Lion. N 2NE1 #unite”



Tha Lion. N 2NE1 #unite


Twitter/Photos: Adidas Originals Tweets About “Unite All Originals Live with Snoop Dogg”

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Twitter/Photo: 2NE1 x Snoop Dogg for ‘Unite All Originals’ Concert

Woot~ Adidas Originals tweeted this~! Who’s excited for 2NE1 and Snoop Dogg? I heard CL’s going to have a collab stage with Snoop too! Excited! ^_^


Source: @Originals_kr

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Video: Adidas Originals Represent – 2NE1 Cuts!

Woohoo! Been waiting for this video ever since Adidas Originals started posting longer vids featuring the artists and athletes on the original Adidas Originals CF.. ^^ Our girls look fierce, cool, and awesome. ^^

adidas Originals | all Originals Represent | 2NE1 Edit


Videos: Adidas Originals | All Originals #REPRESENT – Represent Your Crew!

Source: adidasoriginals@YouTube

Photo: Dara for Adidas All Originals #represent in Soho, New York

Source: sanalyona@tumblr

Video: Hong Kong Version Of Adidas Originals CF

Another version of this CF! We get to see other cuts of the girls rocking Shibuya! ^.^

adidas Originals | all originals represent


Photos: 2NE1 For New Adidas Originals Represent Lookbook

My Dara looking oh so fierce with her hair and eyes and black and white outfit! ^^

It tickles me how Dara looks the tallest in this pic. XDDD When she’s the most petite now.. ^^And wah! Bommie and CL! ICWUDT! Arms over Minzy and Dara’s shoulders! ^^

More pics after the cut!