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Photos: 151213 Fantaken and Press Pics of Sizzling, Passionate 2NE1 Tearing Up the MAMA 2015 Stage for their Surprise Performance

OMG OMG OMG! The thirst is so freaking real! ❤ Minzy and Dara’s expressions the entire time were like that of hungry wolves.. They missed the stage and they freaking owned it! ❤ Bom looks happy and very passionate performing with her soul sisters, and CL looked so so so proud to be there with her members.. MAMA representative said that no one knew of this performance, only the PD in-charge knew about it.. What an awesome surprise for Blackjacks! ❤










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Photo/Official: YG-Life Reveals “Crush” Countdown Timer ~ Bad-Ass and Fierce 2NE1!

So many things to love in this picture! First and foremost, there’s finally a countdown for 2NE1’s new album, “Crush” WOOHOOO! ❤ Cannot wait for it! And second, wow, our fierce, fierce foursome are back! I thought it was refreshing to see them all girly and stuff for DYLM, FIL, and MY, but man, I missed our fierce girls! ❤ Dara’s blue hair, Bommie’s tummy, CL’s back to blonde, and Minzy in a long wig! SO AWESOME AND FIERCE AND GAHHHH CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS! ❤


Blackjacks, see you all later at midnight of the online release of “Crush” ^_^


Source: YG-Life

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