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News: Over 10,000 Attend me2day Chat Session With 2NE1

Over 10,000 Attend me2day Chat Session With 2NE1

Over 10,000 were able to spend time online with the 2NE1 members. 

On July 11, the 2NE1 members, minus Minzy, held a mobile chat session with fans through me2day.

Though only a lucky selected few were able to ask questions with the 2NE1 members, anyone with a me2day account was able to watch the chat session live.

In total over 10,000 took part in the me2day chat session with 2NE1, the largest on record for a celebrity yet. 

On that day, the 2NE1 members shared on their upcoming concert, new album and other topics. During the chat, Sandara Park once more showed her unending love for Won Bin writing, “Please invite Won Bin oppa to the concert! I will personally give him the tickets keke.” 

Asked on what to expect about the upcoming New Evolution concert, the 2NE1 members remained mum saying the fans would have to come and see to find out.

At one point, the rush of questions proved overwhelming even for the fast-spitting rapper CL who wrote, “Our fans’ typing is so fast. Please write slowly.”

2NE1’s New Evolution global concert will kick off in Seoul on July 28 and 29 at the Gymnasium Stadium.

Source: eNewsWorld

Photos Uploaded by: OhDara