YG Entertainment founder and head Yang Hyun Suk shares his thoughts on BIGBANG and 2NE1’s contracts expiring next year


In an interview with TV Report on April 26 after the BIGBANG “MADE” tour in Seoul, Yang Hyun Suk says, “BIGBANG and 2NE1’s contracts will expire next year. The time frame to renew their contracts is the same for all the members within each group.”

He continues, “We have been with BIGBANG for nine years. My personal desire is to be with BIGBANG for nine more. After the contract expires, I want them to continue their activities with the renewal of their contracts.”

Yang Hyun Suk also shares about his plans for 2NE1 after CL’s solo U.S. debut. “CL’s almost done with the album. Whether she will [succeed] or not is something that can only be known after she [debuts]. From my standpoint, we are proactively supporting CL’s solo activities. I am planning the release of 2NE1’s new album for after CL finishes her solo activities. 2NE1 will surely show you good work until the expiration of their contracts.”

Meanwhile BIGBANG and 2NE1 debuted through YG Entertainment in 2006 and 2009, respectively

Credits: Soompi

Comments on: "News: YG Entertainment founder and head Yang Hyun Suk shares his thoughts on BIGBANG and 2NE1’s contracts expiring next year" (11)

  1. ckjack_bla said:

    Crush era was supposed to be their golden year. However, 2014 Gaon chart revealed that GG still topped the overall album sales. Digital sales was definitely won by 2NE1 but they are low on physical sales. I don’t know why people buy GG’s Mr. Mr. album because the songs are really not good. Maybe that’s the reason why YG is giving up on 2NE1 because the effort to release a good album is not appreciated in album sales and even on awards show *cough* MAMA *cough*. I feel really sad for 2NE1. 😦

  2. Dara being able to do what she loves is all that matters to me. I am a Daraling through and through and tbh I don’t really care what happens to 2NE1. Very few girl bands can last >5 years and I am thankful that 2NE1 had their glorious moments winning awards left right and centre. I am really enjoying this moment where Dara gets to do her own thing and accepting plenty of opportunities! You go girl! ❤

  3. Darn, he’s too obvious.

  4. alohadara said:

    thetruther, No one here wants 2NE1 to disband. But we can bitch and moan and YG WILL DO ONLY WHAT HE WANTS TO.There has never been EQUALITY, or fairness in line distribution or how he treats each of them in 2NE1. CL is the queen…that’s never going to change. Dara knows her part as the face of the group, as the promoter and the one that cheers 2NE1 on. Her voice is not strong and she will always get bit parts in the songs ever since the beginning. She has excepted what she adds to the group. As long as she’s happy with it, so be it. But without her or any of the ladies, there is no 2NE1. Dara is doing her own thing, where have you been? She’s working on her 2nd web drama, modeling, promoting, mcing, singing. She’s working hard to do what she can to make her dreams come true and to be ready for anything should 2NE1 disband. And then your babbling about Bigbang? Off the track much. They are YG golden boys so what? Should we protest? riot? What have you done for 2NE1 as a responsible fan? Us passive? I want to say what you think is passive is actually fans sharing our concerns and not immature comments. We love 2NE1 especially Dara but we dont go attacking other fans because of our frustration. shame on you!

  5. thetruther said:

    I cant believe most of the fans here are so passive about 2ne1 disbanding. Like really? and the fact that most of you act like she’s already 40 that is why its best for them to disband? What is wrong with age? Its not like she has joint paints & i dont see you blabbing about bigbang being old when they are staying as a group as well. I suggest you rethink yourselves if you are really a dara and 2ne1 fan. Dara have said it so many times that she wanted to stay as a group as well as have solo activities, i see no problem with CL . She is doing her own thing too so why cant Dara & the others do the same? Its breaking my heart to see most people her okay with it. When im pretty sure Dara is not in favor of disbanding as well. We should fight for the right of every member and you all are just letting it pass when the blatant favoritism of YG towards a member is showing , sooner or later youll see her being thrown away as well as the other members and most of it is because you didnt fight for the rights of all of them. When will i see EQUALITY in YG. but most of all when will i see you guys being a responsible fan. -sighs- -smh-

  6. Forever2NE1 said:

    I believe that despite what future they decide, either they stay together or go their separate ways we would always see Dara. She’s already spreading her wings in the industry. Bom, im not really sure because i remember even before all the controversy, when she visited her friend on 2NE1 tv to me it was a red flag when she mentioned how she was getting tired of the same thing happening everyday, their busy schedule and stuff. She might choose to be a mentor working behind the scene. CL would still be singer and continue maybe producing music. Minzy can also go solo, she really does have good voice and she can dance. They are all amazing and i would forever be a 2ne1 fan, i want them to stay together and i wish they do too. However if they choose to go separate I’ll support them, but i really hope thats not in the near future. With or without contract they’ll forever be 2ne1.

  7. alohadara said:

    Thankful Belle for your posting and for this site for us to share our thoughts on this matter. YG to me is definitely a businessman first. Loyalty is secondary. Look what happen to Gummy and Se7en. His interview is a red flag to 2NE1 because there is no mention of renewing their contract and its sickening how he gushes over Bigbang. (Like a dad bragging about his favorite child with all the other children listening)
    Dara- I’m thankful she is promoting big time. My wish for her is to have a break out drama like Boys over Flowers that makes her a mega star actress. Out of all ladies, she has made the most money for him individually with her various endorsements through the years. So I hope he will continue to take care of her when the contract expires.
    Bom- I’m most concerned about. Even her fan base hasn’t seen her.
    CL- will succeed in US and whatever she does.
    Minzy- awesomely talented will continue to be successful.
    2NE1 is what brought me to Kpop and Dara. I know it cant last forever so I’m gonna enjoy them to the fullest and support them in their individual careers.

  8. He can’t force every member to renew their contract though, that’s why he can’t make plans for 2ne1’s future. However I am hopeful that they would all sign a new contract. As we all know Dara and Bom are already in their 30’s if they do sign again thats another 5 yrs of their life they have to dedicate and its hard to be an idol. They’re not getting any younger and we don’t know what their plans are really. Us fans might want different future for them.

  9. at times like this, you really are shaken to the reality of it all.

  10. therealest said:

    I am so done with this man, so so so done with him. Its like he’s been saying to make use of 2ne1 before their contract expires, then what happens after? doesnt he have plans for them after their contract expiration like ghe does for BigBang? 2NE1 are his cash cows too! It seems to me that he only has plans for CL . I already knew it in my gut that this would happen despite people trying to be hopeful and denying it. But looks like i was right afterall, if CL loses her supposed debut in the US he’ll use the group as her fallback, but if she succeeds then thats it for 2ne1. What a terrible CEO.

  11. So what will happen if their contract expiration comes first?

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