2NE1’s Sandara Park Up First as Featured Artist for Jinusean’s Performance

For each stage of Tell Me One More Time, Jinusean will invite a junior up to the stage, beginning the relay of featured artists.

Already known for their close relationships with their juniors, Jinu and Sean of Jinusean unveiled that the first featured artist for their upcoming performance will be 2NE1′s Sandara Park.

We′ve always really liked 2NE1′s music. Also in the last broadcast of KBS′ Yoo Hee Yeol′s Sketchbook, Sandara Park did such a good job in the Tell Me performance. So we asked her personally to join us.


On April 24, Sandara Park appeared on Yoo Hee Yeol′s Sketchbook with Jinusean to perform Tell Me. She was able to show off her charms with Jinusean, putting on a stage to remember. Quite different from the original featured artist, Jang Hanna, Sandara Park will bring something new to the Tell Me One More Time stage with Jinusean.

Not only will they be scouting female artists from YG, but using their member connections, Jinusean plans on searching for other idol girl group members to come up on stage with them.

We′ll be scouting popular female idol groups by visiting them in their waiting rooms. We think we′ll be anticipating the stages more.

Similarly in 2014, Epik High also scounted different artists, such as Younha, 2NE1′s Minzy, Akdong Musician′s Suhyun, and more to join the group for Happen Ending. With a different voice featured in each stage, Epik High created anticipation for upcoming performances for fans.

Starting this week, Jinusean will also begin its relay of featured female artists. Fans are already wondering who will follow Sandara Park.


Photo Credit: Naver

Article Source: Mwave

Comments on: "News: 2NE1’s Sandara Park Up First as Featured Artist for Jinusean’s Performance" (2)

  1. alohadara said:

    Koko, Dara’s not gonna be able to please everyone. But she will do her best and it will give her a chance to show another side of her. I know she will bring her own style of spice and sexiness to liven up Jinusean’s performance and make it unforgettable!

  2. Minzy will definitely feature too then one of the trainees. I don’t know what other gg’s are active besides miss A and EXID. I’m betting on one of the miss A members getting featured too. 🙂 Aaaah~excited for their stage. Gonna watch MuBank this week.
    P.S. I’ve come across some comments saying Dara doesn’t really fit the song blah blah blah but I think the point of featuring different female artists is to bring a different color every time. I just think it unfair to be judging when we haven’t seen the performance yet.

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