Bringing a close to 2013, Sung Si Kyung, 2NE1’s Sandara Park, and Super Junior’s Heechul will be showcasing their MCing abilities at the 2013 SBS Gayo Awards.


On December 18, SBS announced the three singers as the hosts for this year’s music festivities. While it’s a rare occasion that all three MCs are singers, Sung Si Kyung and Heechul have proven their hosting abilities through several variety programs, such as 1 Night 2 Days, Witch Hunt, and Ssulzun.

This will be Sandara Park’s first time hosting an award show, but with her bright personality, she is expected to mingle well with the other MCs.

The 2013 SBS Gayo Awards will take place on December 29.

Source: MWave

Comments on: "Breaking News: Sandara Park, Sung Si Kyung and Heechul to MC for the 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun" (111)

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  2. She’s awesome that night! ❤ Good job, dara! im really happy for her! i really hope yg saw how great she did and let her do mc
    projects more ❤

  3. Daralings, check out youtube this site;
    [Full HD] 131229 2NE1 DARA mc cut
    .thunder mblaq – 17minutes of Dara Heechul and Sung Si Kung MC cuts put together so seamlessly with perfect clarity. I know there are a bunch of their cuts on this site done by elf but this one under thunder mblaq is so clear and their voices are not messed up.and the colors are so bright. and it catchtes the beginning to the end. Enjoy!

  4. she really put her very best in MCing and in everything for her fans ❤ that's why we/i love her so much.. ❤

    my brother was so shocked when she found out that i love kpop specially her because my type of genre is really different from 2ne1.. but it never stops me from liking Sandara Park.

    next thing to do.. if she ever have a drama (hopefully) is to remove her awkwardness :p but anyways.. I still love her to the point that i did sacrifice my safety just to watch her live 😀 heheh.. i never did this just for her!

  5. Cira, I love what you said. With a sigh of relief I want to say that she was awesome. I enjoyed watching her like our baby taking more steps in a new direction. Although Heechul stole the show, Dara was the icing, the cherry on top, the sparkle, the glowing beauty, and she sounded like a pro…smooth, interesting and just tied it altogether. and the way Heechul looked at her, another fanboy and who could blame him. Hope she had a blast and the sky is the limit Dara. and I love the way they say her name, Sandara. sounds more exotic. hehehe

  6. Her co-MC’s were really tall.. or maybe because Dara’s so petite… But she did an awesome job. She looked so comfortable and beautiful, not at all shy or nervous. I noticed too that she spoke in a little lower tone than she normally does, it sounded great. I hope she gets more offers to MC. I giggled at the blue fendi fur she wore during their stage performance. I don’t think I’ve seen any other celebrity brave enough to pull off those fur headpieces besides our lovely Dara. Whatever she wears she does it with such confidence. You’re the bomb, Dara!!

  7. She really did great in Hosting!

    She look awesome and natural while doing it!

    congrats Dara!

    i hope she could do more hosting and soon acting!

    looking forward to it. 🙂

  8. I really wanted to watch, but my loptop was btonken and my phone suck! I’m just Reading tweets and ev’eyone having fun, how bout me here gettin’ crazy!!! DarA unnie saranghae!!!! ^_^

  9. Itsumi Suzune said:

    She really is!!!!!!

  10. angel_00007 said:

    oh my god… the sbs was started. our darong is so so so pretty.. my god I want to cry right now………

  11. weeee! so excited! im praying she’ll have good chemistry with her co-hosts and let this be the start of her hosting career! dara, fighting! ❤

  12. i am hoping and wishing that someone will take an effort to put english sub on this :-.<

  13. angel's wings said:

    live streaming links plzzzzzz excited much =)

  14. ^_^ chills and butterflies.. :-s

  15. I’m really excited to see what she’ll wear…. hope they won’t do anything weird with her hair! I would really like to see her wear something like this one..

  16. I’m the only one thinking that Dara have a surprise look this time? I wish she change her hair color in brown again and wear a gown! Daebak^_^

    • i hope it’s a surprising in a good way :p i wanted to see her in a beautiful princess-like gown.. (7% chance xD)

      same wish as mine hihih 😀 i am so so soooooooooooo excited!!!!!

      • Yah, in a good way! Anyway I don’t really care that much, she’s beautiful in her own way. I’m just excited to see her hosting the program. ^_^

  17. 2 days to go.. i’m very excited!!! wanna see what she’s goin to wear :p


  19. So excited for this…hoho..dara unnie fighting!

  20. 3 days to go.. omo omo omo!!! .. so excited!!!!! Dara Unnie fighting~

  21. she’s doing fine hosting infront of the phil/korea president before so….shes gonna be OK in sBS award night…love DARA fighting

  22. GO DARA GO!!!

  23. just thinking about this make me happy 🙂 im so excited

  24. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Admin! just FYI, All About Dara 15(by Chery82Addict) came out yesterday and it is once again, awesome. check it out! love your holiday background with the snowflakes and our Dara. Dara, like the snowflakes, pretty, sparkly, one of a kind and she just melts our hearts with joy!

  25. go dara unnie goooo you can do it



  28. TheVSPinkCutie007 said:

    Where can we watch the 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun live? Any information? Thanks! 🙂

  29. Dear All,

    I really wanna watch SBS live.. so please for those who leaves in korea or has an access on television please add me on skype.. i had a bad feelings if I only rely on its website (if there is) at least via skype vid i can watch it.. so please please.. PM me.. thank you! i really like to support Dara Unnie :c ❤

    • I’m sure some bj’s goin’ to post a link for the live performance, do u can watch online.. They usually do that, just wait a day after the show. *_^

      • thanks ^_^ but i want to watch it live and for sure live streaming won’t be that good to watch >..< anybody here lives and can watch SBS live via televise in korea please? coz i don't wanna miss a thing :p

  30. You can do It!!!!your yg Family is there to support you!!!!kekkekeke

  31. Pppppppppp said:

    Dara unnie hwaiting! Don’t worry she’ll be fine, as for them trolls and haters, haters gonna hate no matter what! The only thing theyre good at is to be in front of their computer hating at people they can never be like cos whatever they do theyll never be like our Dara unnie. So just be happy she’s hosting the sbs gayo daejun. I was soooo delighted when I saw the news about her being one of the hosts. At the end of the day, she’s not there to please each and everyone, she’s there to entertain and do an awesome job at that. Whatever it boils down to, i will support her no matter what. I have been a fan aince 2004 and nothing will come in my way to ever doubt her. Xxxxxx

  32. TheVSPinkCutie007 said:

    She’ll do great. I believe in her. 🙂 We, as a fan should believe in her. I’m super excited for this! 🙂 Oh yeah! ^_^

    I really want to see her in a dress. But yeah, whatever she’ll wear, she looks good on it. 😉

    But where can we watch the 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun live? More updates please, thanks! 🙂 We should totally have a viewing party for the 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun because Sandara Park will be an MC/host on that show. Hahaha! 😀

  33. she will do just fine.. I believe in her.. besides..her kind of hosting/mc-ing is a lot more fun to watch than the common hosts in music shows today. let’s have a very fun and a bit crazy hosts this gayo daejun. I’m done watching the same old boring and too sweet lady hosts. Go Sandara! go crazy.. just be yourself! remember Sandara is one of a kind.. she’s someone who shines coz she’s different. kk.. Sandy goodluck!

  34. I’m just curious,,, is it a live event? if it is, do they practice before the show, or do they have script to follow, I’ve never seen a full SBS Dayo, only yg video performance that i watch.

  35. Omg….this is really breaking news omo… so excited hey fanboys get ready the goddess is coming…wohhh finally its about time…wazzup DARALINGS…

  36. Don’t worry guys~ she’ll do fine! Heechul got a lot of experience in hosting. I’m sure he’ll help her. Da-Chul fighting!!!! Just enjoy Darayah! ^^

  37. Its about time to give her what she really loves. Which is hosting also, we hope more hosting job and sandrama this coming 2014 >_< goodluck dara. Just be your self… Don't be too nervous… CL was there to supporting you on the spot :). And alll your family, friends and daralings!!!! fighting!!!!! To SBS Gayo! We hope you make her more beautiful on that special day of our dearest Dara. Thank you (*_*)

  38. Hey daralings, blackjacks and all her fandoms alike, calm your tits! Lol I know you all worry about whatever it is she’ll wear but might we all just let her be? Cos at the end of the day, whatever she wears, however crazy it is, it is a testament of how she knows how to carry herself in whatever crazy style was given to her like it’s nobody’s business that made us love her in any way and form. Given the fact that she always does out of this world crazy fashion, i do hope too that they dress her to the nines and let her wear something that’ll totally awe us. I do have high hopes to see her in a gown but then again, wouldn’t it be too uncomfortable for her? You know she never does dresses but whatever she wears however she’ll look like on the night of the gayo daejun i will be happy and will be cheering for her matter what cos i am a fan who loves to see her happy. Brings back a good old chunk of memory of when she was back in the Philippines doing hosting. Dara unnie aja aja fighting!!!!!

    • I am just worried.. :c yes we love her in everything she do.. she wear.. etc..
      its just that we/i want to see her in her best for the eye of everyone specially for those trolls out there.. remember what happen in family outing.. i am just worried to the point that i wanted to see her in a dream dress (dream of mine hehehe) ❤

      Eat plenty Dara Unnie! ^_^

  39. @ ghe2011,,, I cannot remember how old Iám when SCQ was aired,,, hehehe old days,,, all I knew is that she’s a breath of new air among the auditionee,,, who would not love her????? the haters???? hehehe todoong,,, anyway could you tell me or anybody here where can I watch the show SBS gayo complete and with sub,,, please

  40. phenomenal star said:

    agree with alohadara, we must focus on what can go right instead of what can go wrong, and most importantantly interactions with fanboys!!!!

  41. Welcome to all those that are responding for the first time. This is really a exciting moment for our Dara. Yes we worry, but all our worry thoughts are just sending out negative energy and giving us white hairs. Lets just surround her with well wishes and love. She is unpredictable, but that’s one of the many charms of Dara.

    Dara, Dara bright Dara, we Daralings know you can do it and we support you all the way! Fighting!

  42. hi ghe2011,,, I even voted for her during SCQ hehehe,,, nice to meet you and all Dara fans,,, I’m happy for her to have this success,,, wooot wooot,,, hope she’ll do well on SBS Gayo

  43. I’m really nervous about this.. so glad she got the chance to host.. i hope they let her wear a beautiful dress. white dress maybe..? and they should dye her hair to black since it suits her the most.. to her stylist no crazy hairstyle please, just let it fall down with curls.. i hope she speaks slower since she tends to speak a little faster and although it hurts me to say this she should just do it normally and not over the top because I’ve watched her host before with minzy and to be honest i couldn’t watched the whole video because she looks likes she was trying to hard and she was pressuring herself to be funny, as a result i wasn’t able to enjoy her mcing skills because i myself as a viewer felt the pressure and the desperation. she should just enjoy herself because if she is genuinely having fun then the viewers will feel it and as a result everybody will have fun and actually enjoy the show..but whatever she do i will still love her, since she is my bias. go dara unnie fighting ^_^

    • that’s my concern too, she loves making people happy and laugh but i’m afraid that she’ll over do it, i just hope she’ll stay a little bit calm and be natural. Ahhhhh i really hope Dara unnie will shine bright like a diamond!! 🙂 fighting!!!!

  44. hello everybody,,, I’m a fan of Sandara since SCQ days and I always visit this site to be inform about Santoki,,, and this is my first time to post a message here to show my support to Darong,,,,,, hoping for drama next time…

  45. I’m really nervous about this……..

  46. ooo wait, SBS Gayo will be 2 days. Does it mean that she’ll be MCing in both days?

  47. fighting!!!! it’s about time.. very excited to see you on stage (as the Host).. goodluck..

  48. lets not expect too much xD but i am really hoping ❤ Dara Unnie just be confident and enjoy! And don't forget to eat plenty :p

  49. isnt’ the other guy also a fanboy? he is in the “all about dara” series~~~ part 5 or 6 if i’m not mistaken.

  50. Definitely, I’m sure! You will look super great like your pictorial pictures released in ELLE before.. Like LONG HAIR DOWN WITH SOME CURLS THROUGH THE END OF IT!


  51. DAra unnie!!! please wear a beautiful Dress that suits with a beautiful face like you!!!

    whatever dress,gown or even simple dress fits you so well.
    WEAR ALSO SUPER_HIGHHEELS..coz I know Heechul & Si Kyung are both tall.


  52. OMG so happy to learn about her hosting. Aside from 2ne1, it’s only her i’m going to stay glued watching the whole show, from start to finish! This is finally a dream a come true for me, seeing Dara shine outside 2ne1. Go Dara..break a leg!

  53. FINALLY!!! I know she’ll do more than fine, she’d always wanted to be a host/mc after all. Best of luck to our dearest Dara!

  54. Next time, it will be a drama for Dara…Please YG let Dara act!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We want a DARAMA!!!

  55. omo!!!! this is it dara unnie!! i know your pretty but pls. pls. pls. wear an elegant dress that makes you look so damn gorgeous and stunning in that day ….

  56. cyndikrystelle said:

    Yay Heechul-oppa and Dara-unnie!!!my biases!!<3


  58. OMG!!! I have been away from the internet for 24 hours and come back with this?!?! BOY I AM SO HAPPY FOR DARA!!! Wooohoooo finally she gets to be the MC!!!! Yipppeee!!! She must be practicing hard!!! Hwaiting unni!!

  59. OMO! This is great! I’m so excited! Dara-unnie, fighting~

  60. happy to hear some good news.. it will be a starting point of all the things we wish for unnie..fighing!!!

  61. excited for all the possible interactions with other boygroups! ke!ke!
    im so looking forward for sbs gayo. how much more if Dara will have a drama!!! :)-

  62. Wow dara unnie mcing! So excited! ^_^

  63. phenomenal star said:

    darayah, we are all here to support you!!! hoping for a drama or a movie next year!!!

  64. Pppppppppp said:

    Just like the old days, hey! This is what Ive been waiting for! Im all excited and I support you, unnie! You’ve always been great when I see you do your little mc-ing stints during your 2NE1tv days… Enjoy the nught then, unnie! 산다라박 hwaiting!!!!!!!!

  65. I hope she wears….whatever she wants to wear lol. I’m mostly just excited to see her host! She has a natural charm.^^

  66. We are so excited for you to finally shine as MC along with 2 great guys. Whatever you do, whatever you wear, just have fun and let the world know what we already know, how awesome you are!

    Enjoy the moment, and let it be a wonderful unforgettable night for you. Its finally happening and we Daralings will be there to celebrate and support you all the way!

  67. OMG! i’m thrilled to know this, dara unnie pls wear a very sexy elegant beautiful dress so boys will drool over you lol!, i know you’ll be just fine but i really hope you’ lldo great! It’s happening guys one by one next time the article will be “sandara park will be the main protagonist in a drama or movie!!!

  68. angel's wings said:

    OMG! i’m literally crying for joy! sooooo excited for this… gonna watch this no matter what…. =)

  69. Yay!!! What wonderful news for our Goddess! Don’t be nervous, Dara! You’re beautiful inside and out and we all look forward to you looking beautiful that night and doing a great job. Fighting!!

  70. i hope Dara Unnie can read this.. we really want to see her outshine in that event..
    so where trying to suggest things to her.. i (we) really want to see her in a beautiful dress and let her hair untie (i dunno whats the right term for not wearing anything in her hair) and hopefully she’ll dye her hair in more natural color! waaaah!

    and hope she speaks a little to slow :p i love everything about her though i just wanted to see the other side of her.. ❤

  71. OMG so excited. I remember seeing Heechul with Dara palm hair in some shows. These guys are fanboys! :p

  72. i really hope that dara unnie don`t do anything with her hair…i hope she will let down her hair this time. Its really pretty!!!

  73. omgeeee suuppper excited. gooo dara

  74. Yahoo! To the stylists, please let Dara-unnie wear a very nice dress.

  75. what time this will be aired on sbs? want to watch this live..somebody help me, i’m from u.s pacific time, thanks

  76. i hope she dye her hair black…it suits her skin the most…

  77. does her stylist have twitter? we need to tell them to put dara in the most beautiful dresses and hairstyles.. no crazy stuff

  78. said:

    finally!! i hope dara wear a beautiful dress.

  79. gah…pls everyone share some links for this..hehehe!! Mr./Ms. Stylist pls let Dara wear dresses :))

  80. yes!!! im sooo excited for her! ❤ dara, fighting!!!

  81. She’s really pretty so this time i hope her stylist will let her wear something really really normal and girly and beautiful and just let her natural beauty shine for all those fanboys to see!:) hwaiting, dara park!:)

  82. heartflowersribbons said:


  83. oh my! o_O oh my!!!

    I’m so excited for Dara Unnie’s first hosting time for an award show 😀 can’t wait for the dress she will wear (i hope it is :p ) and please Dara Unnie just enjoy the experience and don’t be awkward or nervous.. wah you can do it!!! this is it! Just act natural (i am not saying she’s not but sometimes you can see it in her eyes that she’s nervous).. And because Dara Unnie has a playful image but i hope she will take it seriously :p

    wwwwwwwwwwaaaaah! wattah Christmas gift for all Daralings out there! ❤

  84. Finally! something to get excited about!^__^ I thought I have to wait till the release of their full album next year.(????)… Dara please be girly and pretty, and don’t talk too fast.^__^

  85. Live streaming links juseyo! 😀 I’m so gonna watch this! Imagine Dara with her dresses. Please, let her goddess self shine this time and not her badass one (though I love it too XD)

  86. dara fanboy said:

    Aren’t they both Dara fanboys? 🙆

  87. yehey”!!…im soo excited and i just can’t hide it”!!…kekekeke definitely d best xmas gift ever”!….

  88. about time! i hope she’ll have many solo endeavors this coming 2014!

  89. Daebak! I’m soo happy right now that papa YG is letting Dara branch out!

  90. HOLY CRAPPPP!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?? AHHHHH THIS IS CRAZY!! IM DEFINITELY WAKING UP EARLY FOR THIS ( i live in east coast so when sbs gayo airs its like 5 am over here but who cares, Dara’s MCING im totally streaming live) OMGOMG hahah im like hyperventilating!!

  91. OMG OMG OMG!!! definitely gonna stream this because of Dara 🙂

  92. if i’m not mistaken, these two guyz are her fanboys right? kyah!!

  93. wow! goodluck Dara… you’re a good MC, you can do it! “,)

  94. desiweelovesapples said:

    Best. Christmas. Present. EVER!!!! thank you YG!!! Ahhhh my feels :’)

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