2NE1 Reveals Teaser… D-4 of Transformation into Beach Girls

BOSOKIcCMAA_hAe.jpg large

2NE1 is raising expectations for their new song by releasing their teaser with its cool an refreshing image.

On the morning of July 4, YG Entertainment publicized a teaser image of 2NE1‘s new song “Falling in Love” on the company’s official blog YG Life.

The image contains the words “Inkigayo Comeback 7.7” and “To Be Released 7.8 0AM,” meaning that the song file would be released on July 8 at 12 a.m and seen on stage for the first time on July 7 on the SBS program Inkigayo.

In the teaser image, the members of 2NE1 are each showing off a cool summer look with the beach in the background, transforming themselves into “beach girls.”

Sandara Park, who caught the attention of many with her versatile hairstyles with each promotional activity, now appears with golden-haired pigtails to emphasize a fresh and cute side. 

Falling in Love” will show 2NE1 singing reggae for the first time since their debut. With today’s teaser in the open, attention is gathering on how 2NE1 will sing the genre and what kind of fashion and stage formation they will show.

2NE1 has completed filming for their “Falling in Love” music video, and are training for their comeback with a new choreographer from overseas.


Source: Naver Star

Comments on: "News: 2NE1 Reveals Teaser… D-4 of Transformation into Beach Girls" (2)

  1. I 100% agreed with you,sooooo pretty no matter what.

  2. whatever dara looks she will always be pretty, she catches the attention of everyone. i think even if she will wear rugs she can pull it off!!!

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