OMG OMG!!! This teaser gives off a such a good feel of summer and holiday, right? And it’s reggae!!! Pretty sure everyone is anticipating this song! Can’t wait to hear audio teaser  The girls look so good!

And Dara in pigtails T.T Her tummy is peeking too ♡

BOSOKIcCMAA_hAe.jpg large


Source: @ygent_official

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Official Photo: YG Life Reveals Second Picture Teaser for 2NE1’s ‘Falling In Love’" (19)

  1. im excited!! but i hope dara will let her hair down….but for me,,,her half shaved is the most amazing hairstyle she tried…..!

  2. Dara is so beautiful, actually all of 2ne1 are beautiful.

  3. nHurs89 said:

    2ne1is my kpop idol 4 female group and bigbang 4 male group!!!!! but i cant vote i have no facebook~~~ really~~but i always support them watever they do!!!!!figthtting ~~~ i hope they win bcoz they deserve it!!!!gogogoogog
    blackjack wordwide and vip~~~~~figthtting 4
    this challenge>>>>toinksssssss>>>>>
    (asking: u cant only vote in facebook or what bcoz i check it its 4 facebook)

  4. Dara looks so young and … caucasian! If I didn’t know she’s Korean, i could’ve easily mistaken her as a teenage american girl

  5. jaedoong said:

    I like his.. this is better than the 1st teaser.. OMG! DAra is beautiful.. actually all of them are pretty too. But ofcourse no one can bit DAra unnie!!!!!! 🙂

  6. Everyone pls VOTE for 2NE1 Here. They’re in the #1 Spot as of Today. So please continue voting everyday, as much as 19 times per day

  7. dara suits blonde!! omggggg please can dara and minzy show their abs *____* i have high hopes! thank goodness someone is doing a summer themed song, it’s going to be a huge party i hope it’s really fun and catchy and infectious! i think everyone is in need of a song like this too many girl groups hell bent on wearing panties on stage LOL. i’m glad 2ne1 is going simple, i have good vibes that they’re really focusing on the music

  8. can’t wait for this comeback ….

    yay !!

  9. daisang said:

    They are cool and Fresh! waahhh!!! I’m so excited ! Vampire Dara… 2ne1 dropjaw … they are so amazing

  10. CL’s dress and necklace aareeeeeee soooo niiiiiccceee….want
    MInzys’ outfit is too hot for a beach outfit!
    and Bom as always…in her one piece dress..
    Dara in a skirt!!!!! and her midriff is showing!!! yes!!!! i’m still warming up to her hair…it’s too light it makes her look washed out.

  11. I feel the Fire/I Don’t Care days coming on…

  12. cartier said:

    dara is blonde so as gd!

  13. cream-o said:

    They look so fresh ^^

  14. i like the vibes Dara give in the pic as a whole… she looks like comic relief of the group who loves to play pranks ..

  15. nHurs89 said:

    they are all cute!!! ready 4 swimming^-^
    dee# hair like 9 old child♥♡♥them all!!!
    (what next waiting!!)

  16. I think there previous stylist, i dont know the nme.. Is styling them again based on there accesories..he used to make unique shoes during 2ne1 tv season 1.. Well im glad his back 🙂

  17. It gives you that young fun looking vibes when looking at this… Gosh! I cant wait for the release.. Geez.. Im still n shock looking to my deees blonde hair… Minzy smoking hot… Gorgeous 2ne1

  18. wow they look so cute! Dara is so adorable and Minzy’s abs is to die for!

  19. Omg the pigtails!! She looks so cute, so do all the girls. I love the shoes.^^

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