This is sooo cute! ^_^ I can’t wait for this campaign! DarBie and her SHINee Kens! Dara looks absolutely flawless! She looks like a doll! I love how she’s all natural but still doll-like! Goddess Dara!

Source: Lee Hyosup Facebook Page

Comments on: "Photo: DarBie and Her SHINee Kens for Etude House" (14)

  1. lovegdarapg said:

    I really want to see Dara with bigbang, especially gd in etude house. Becoz they are perfect and cute when they are together.

  2. Why always minho? Try abother shinee member! Maybe onew or key! I dont know why i dont like minho, theres something weird on him that i cant point out.

  3. Ah, I’d really rather see her with Onew. Sigh. Why is it always Minho? I hope they change it up, but I’m guessing they won’t.


  5. w0w! 0h my g0d its minh0 again dara’s partner can’t wait to see the vide0 0f this cf, s00 gorgeous my dara…

  6. As always, Minho is her partner…kekekeke
    Darbie’s Ken is Minho<3

  7. Barbie Dee<33333 i want one!!! 😀

  8. is it just me or key and jonghyun’s face are combined together.. lol

  9. mblaqlove2ne1 said:

    Why don’t they try Dara and key? Keke

  10. Dara & Minho are always together…hmmmm,…

  11. i know it’s all the shinee members, but is minho gonna be the main partner of dara??

  12. OMG! DARbiiieeeeeeeee DARA…from sexyyyyyyyyyy to super duper overload GORGEOUSNESS wow!

  13. pommes21 said:


  14. Wahhh i can’t wait..

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