OMG!!! Dara’s teaser is here!!! She sounds so freaking awesome! I love the beat and it suits her voice perfectly! And can I say how HOT she looks in the video? So classy hot! All covered but still over the top sexy and elegant!

I love Dara’s part followed by Minzy’s! It sounds so good!


Note: The person who directed the music video for “I Am The Best” is the same director for “I Love You!”


Hangul: 하루종일 그대모습자꾸 떠올라 온종일 울리지않는 전화기만 또쳐다봐

Romanization: Haru jongil geudae moseub jakku tteoolla onjongil ulliji anheun jeonhwagi man tto chyeodabwa

English: All day I think about you All day I look at my phone that doesn’t ring Why don’t you know how I feel

Credit: 2NE1@YouTube + @Jimeichu + @kristinekwak

Comments on: "Video/Photo: Official “I Love You” Teaser – Dara" (41)

  1. she totally rocks the haircut. ^.^ I really love it. she looks gorgeous!!!!
    like everybody else, i’m hoping for a decent lines for dee. or else, i don’t know! lol. sigh.

  2. DARA is sooooo….how can be DARA this beautiful…elegant…I love everything,VERY SUPER MODEL? love her eyes…camera loves her..classic….timeless beauty…at first Im worried now its all gone…but lets pray that this song will not be like… BE MINE,though she had more screen time in the mv,I only watch it twice…hoping that DARA will have more lines to sing,love her voice in the teaser,praying that this will not only her the part …cant wait .. support 2ne1…promise to buy their album no matter what…LOVE CL,MINZY and BOM too…lets not forget 2ne1 is DARA or DARA is 2ne1… too….

  3. talabels said:

    Spazzing late over this!!!!! Dara doesn’t need to bare/ show off some skin to be considered sexy! SHE IS SEXY EVEN THOUGH SHE IS FULLY CLOTHED!!!!

    The perfect chameleon! She can be sweet, cute, innocent, bad-ass and sexy anytime without trying too hard! GODDESS DARA, I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  4. I hope this isn’t the only part Dara has in the song.
    It’s too short >< !!!!
    As the consequence of "be mine", you may saw some haters (in Youtube) said that :
    " expect that , that is the only part for Dara in this new song "
    Dara already shaved her hair for this cb ,
    if YG still purposely focus on giving Dara " weird " hairstyle & costume only ,
    i think i should start to declare myself as Daraling after the release of new MV,
    not Bj anymore ==

  5. Reblogged this on chriszlchye and commented:
    OH MY Goddess!! DARA-yah!!

  6. Guys, if iloveypu will already go out on mnet.. Lets work together and vote for 2ne1 new sinhle thank you

  7. Hi admin… i want to buy the new 2ne1’s album but dont know how to, i mean dont hav cards…

    Im from the Phils… pwedeng isabay nyo naman ako pag bumili kayo and i will send the money thru LBC? pls pls pls… (how much the album and of course the shipping charge)…

  8. egliukas said:

    After be mine song i am so insecure >.< and this sounds like Dara repeat this like 2 times like in be mine… i hope its not true my heart is still not healed after be mine T__T
    I just wait for full song and be happy that finally 2ne1 lady's is coming BACK xDDDDDDD

  9. With lines or no lines, I’m still excited for this, because it’s 2Ne1, and I freakin’ misses them performing on music shows.

  10. my goddess dnt knw wat to say..
    im rily hoping praying n xpecting dat dara wil hve more lines to sing…
    p.s..i hve ful faith in 2ne1 power its jst dat cnt hlp worried w/ sooo mny cmebck this wik.suju tara etc…
    hoping dat our queens goddess wil emrge #1. 🙂

  11. i’m being positive. The intro to dara’s line (here on the teaser) appears a bit “sudden” so i’m thinking there’s more to Dara’s line. [I really do hope so]

  12. though i love her voice here, i am still afraid when the whole song will be release and she gets only a few parts…

  13. Oh And do you guys ser her freakin bicep muscle??

    So sexaaaaaay! Aahahahh

  14. Where have i herrad the last part before??? The Minjis part at the end that goes ” dada dada dada dada mollaaaa~~~”

    Have we heard it in 2ne1tv or something?

    • ilovessantokki said:

      It’s the same as what CL sings in the teaser they showed on Inkigayo ^^

  15. Maekaii said:

    Blackjacks, when the song comes out, let’s all vote like crazy on mnet and make them win on music programs 😀
    It’s a tough competition because other big groups are coming back as well
    2NE1 Nolza! 😀

  16. Madge15 said:

    dlkfgjoadifv YG hurry up
    i can’t wait any longer..

  17. I like this picture A LOT ^^

  18. Tikilovesapples said:

    Lovin’ the teaser!! Please please Papa YG make it longer lines for Dara this time. The song definitely suits her. Ooh and badass hot Dalong is hot! 2ne1 comeback please come faster 🙂

  19. hyuwhieyl said:

    a few more days of waiting! kyaaaa!!!

  20. Wow! Can’t w8…More lines for dara pls.. Her voice is very relaxing,voice like an angel…YG give her more lines in this song…. Your so beautiful dara-yah! A goddess indeed…

  21. Oh gosh I love her, her voice, her hair, and everything. She is just flawless, amazing, awesome, hot, adorable…etc. I am so excited for their comeback now. Hope she gets more lines, if not, I swear YG won’t even live to see his grandchildren.

  22. I’m addicted to Dara’s part. I keep repeating the replay button. I just hope that Dara has more lines than this in the actual full song or at least more lines in their other songs.

  23. BLACKJACKs please support bigbang by voting

  24. prettylittlebchi said:

    why do i have a feeling this is her only line…..hope I’m wrong cause I’m gonna flip out if it is!! My girl shave 1/4 of her hair to create buzz and be the face of this group and they cant even afford to give her enough lines! this is to much!!!! UGH!

    • Lucyp3arL said:

      AMEN! But regardless, all of 2ne1’s songs, Dara usually have the most memorable line and hooks. I just happy that she’s doing what she loves the most.

  25. spazz to the nth level !!!!!!!!! I hope this is not only her line because I’d be ahhhhhhhh T_T

  26. no offence but i kinda think that this is her only part of the song and she just keeep repeating it like in be mine ?? what do u think guys hope not 🙂
    hey btw dara hair at first im kinda upset but wow that pik is like angel that came down to earth !

  27. hay why am i hating. the first thought i had was why is minzy there in DARA’s teaser probably dara’s part is too short again. hate me for hating

    • If you think about it, if Minzy’s part wasn’t there, Dara’s teaser would have ended really awkwardly. Hopefully Dara as more lines later on, but with what we have so far, she sounds amazing.

  28. SaranGDara said:


  29. WAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! my jaw literally dropped when i saw Dara\’s picture! so gorgeous and sexy and classy all rolled-into one!

    and then i heard her teaser and OMO!!!! i\’m really really excited about this song! she sounds so good and the beat is really catchy!


  30. OMG! LOVE her fresh vocals and the beat! I definitely will not be disappointed by the real song <3! Dara hwaiting! xx

  31. Pure love. They are a perfect match with electropop.

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