Woooot! Dara is once again hinting about their next song! Dara wants us to guess the genre of “I Love You”. Kekeke. PR Director Dara FTW!<333

If edited and inverted, the photo will look something like this:

Can you guys figure out the words behind the picture? ^^ I see “BOM”, “I love you every”,  “Don’t Get Away”, and “Take Me Away”. Ooooh, are these lyrics of the song? ^^

7월5일 투애니원 신곡 I love you 발매 기념! 신곡 장르 알아맞추기 자음퀴즈!!! 힌트 몇개 알려줄테니 맞춰보세요~ 정답은 내일밤에 공개!!!^^ 홧팅! 이곡은..모든 연령대가 좋아할만하다!흠..투애니원이 부를거같지않다..!반전이있다!퓨전이다!간지럽다!ㅎㅎㅎ

Tags: 항상 당장꺼져, 고어웨이, 재수없어를 외치던 투애니원이 외치는 알러뷰는 어떤 느낌일까..?!?

“To commemorate 2NE1′s release of the new track ‘I Love You’ on July 5th! Quiz on what genre it’ll be!!! I’ll give you a couple of hints so try guessing~ The correct answer will be revealed tomorrow night!!! ^^ Fighting! This song… is one that all ages will like! Hm… it doesn’t seem like a song 2NE1 would sing…! There’s a twist! It’s fusion! I’m itching [to tell you]! Hehehe.”

Tags: It’s always been 2NE1 shouting “Get the hell out of here”, “Go Away”, “You’re out of luck” now shouting I love you ….what will the feeling be..?!?

Korean Blackjacks are guessing the genre to be ELECTRIC POP based on the Korean consonants written next to the picture of her head. ᄋ ᄅ ᄐ ᄅ ᄑ, which are roughly E L T R P and thus electric pop. 

The tags in Dara’s me2day are actually lyrics from previous 2NE1 tracks – I’m Busy, Go Away and Hate You

Source: Dara’s Me2Day

Translated by: Allkpop and ygdragonheart@DGH

Comments on: "Me2day: PR Director Dara Hints About 2NE1’s Song “I Love You”" (7)

  1. soooo xcited..
    rily hoping dara get to sing mooooore

  2. i can not weait omgssssssssssssssssss

  3. Dragonfly87 said:

    Such a brilliant post!!! ^^, Can’t wait to hear the song.

    I’m trying not to expect much with their songs–but I can’t help it!! It’s 2NE1 and I can’t help but expect greatness when it comes to their songs!!

    • Yes, it is a brilliant post! 🙂 She’s so good with things such as this. Really creative and fun. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one feeling geeky about it! Hahaha I guess it’s the teacher in me.:-)

  4. totallyDara'sfan said:

    Take me away

  5. silent_star45 said:

    My witty dara ❤ ❤ ❤

  6. ohh is it an english song?? @_@

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