Wow! I am loving this photo on so many levels! ^_^ The girls are looking hot, fierce, cool and super sexy for Adidas Originals! 2NE1 is the only group I know that does this kind of sexy the best! They don’t need to show off lots and lots of skin to be considered sexy. To be honest, I have always preferred understated sexy than the “in your face” ones. 

Dara is looking so beautiful and fierce with her clothes and make-up. I even think her hair is perfect for this shoot! 2NE1 shows of different kinds of sexy without losing their cool and fierceness in this Adidas Originals shoot!

Click the link below to see the individual photos of CL and Bom!

Oh so sexy Bommie! Love love love the hair! 

Fierce CL! Totally love her pose!

Credit: Nate News

Comments on: "Photo: Hot! 2NE1 is Fierce, Cool and Sexy for Adidas Originals (S/S Collection 2012)" (12)

  1. U know i just found out that in the individual pic of Bom, just take a close look on the T-shirt or whatever there’s an lady’s ***

  2. I want an individual pic of dara T_T

  3. so sexy!! clap clap clap

  4. theian'sako said:

    yeah I hope we get to see our goddess indi photo as well at the baby maknae’s

  5. egliukas said:

    Did Bommie cut her hair ?_? they look so short…. i love her hair so much i hope she will never cut them short>,<
    Dara looks soooo sexy !! *__* i wanna see more^^

  6. i know rule #1 is not to bash and i trully believe what i wanna say is NOT EXACTLY bashing, its just that i’m really concerned with one of them. i’m not gonna say who ‘coz i have a feeling everybody knows who i’m referring to specially if you look closely at the group photo. i wish someone could make her understand that she doesnt need invasive cosmetic enhancements. haay i look at that picture and it makes me sad…

  7. they look HOT and bom soooO sexy

  8. CL looks so boyish in the group pic, she kinda reminds me of Mblaq style. lol!! I want to see Dara’s solo pic too. 🙂

  9. Missy musni said:

    Whers Dara’s individual ? Photo ?i wana see it

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