Update 1:

Sbs 가요대전 봤어요?+.+ 투애니원 한국에서 올해의 마지막 무대가 끝났네요..아쉬워어~!ㅠ.ㅠ 맘같아선 올해 활동했던곡들 다 하고싶었지만 그중 두곡을 골라서했어용! 몬가..기분이 이상하구 아쉽네요^^;; 우리 내년에도 더 열심히해서! 더잘나가~!합시다!^.^홧팅!      !

Did you watch SBS Gayo Daejoon? +.+ This is 2NE1’s last stage performance in Korea for this year.. It’s regretful~! ㅠ.ㅠ We were really active this year and we had a lot of songs, but we had to pick only two, though we wanted to perform all! It’s.. A feeling that is both sad and strange ^^;; We will try harder next year! Lets’s become! Better than the best! ^.^ Fighting! 

Tags: On December 30, 2NE1 will be attending the TBS Japan Record Awards!

Update 2: 

어제도 어김없이 가요대전에서 만난 개똥이를 잡아다가 다라둥 남매 기념사진 한장 찰칵!^.^매년 가요대전끝나구 같이 사진찍은거같아요!ㅋ둘다 얼굴은 피곤해보이지만 기분은 좋았어요!올해는 내가 저 패딩을 안입고오는바람에 커플패딩실패!ㅠㅋ새해에도 다라둥 많이 응원해주세요!^^

Yesterday, I met Dog Poop* at the Gayo Daejoon, and took a Dara-Doong** siblings certification photo! ^.^ I think we took a photo at the end of the gayo daejoons every year! Ke Our faces look a bit tired, but we were both feeling really good! This year, although the wind kept coming, I didn’t wear much padding,*** so it’s padding couple look failure! ㅠ Ke In the coming new year, please cheer Dara-Doong a lot! ^^

* Dog Poop or “Gaettong” is Dara’s nickname for Thunder.
** DaraDoong or Dara-CheonDoong, IDK, Dara’s couple name for them, haha!
*** Padding, like huge, thermal jackets. Notice in the pic that Dara isn’t as padded as Thunder. ^^


Source: Dara’s Me2day
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Comments on: "[Updated] Me2day: Dara, ‘Let’s become better than the best next year! Fighting!’" (5)

  1. tara let’s! ^___^ i love u Dara-yah. always and forever! and all the best to 2NE1!!! this yr 2012 ull be the best and #1 girl group in Korea, Japan, and the rest of the world! a go go go!

  2. Happy new year Dara unnie and the rest of 2ne1!! 2011 was really a great year for 2ne1<33 I wiss 2ne1 a lot of success fo 2012!!!we blackjack will always be their supporting!!!!2ne1 hwaiting!!!!

  3. She’s the sweetest person ever!! I love u Dara!!
    Dara fighting!!!

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  5. 2ne1 do a good job for this year..congratz for 2ne1..!!!hope next year 2ne1 get more,more awards..good luck for 2ne1,,and more,more blackjacks fan for next year..hwaiting!!!!!!!!!!!!2ne1 fan 4 ever

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