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Comments on: "Video: 2NE1 – Hate You MV" (19)

  1. There is definitely something going on between dara’s character and the villain hmm. I hope they would make a continuation for this explaining the relationship. Would be interesting haha

  2. Did anyone notice that Dara’s character was given her true full name – SANDARA!!!…named after a General…how appropriate!! Fighting!!

  3. Somebody should make a video with some kind of dialogue inserted… Like the one mentioned, when CL barges in she says “don’t you dare hit my wifey you ass!!” LOL

    Definitely love the video. It’s different, and the song is catchy. I found myself still jamming to the beat hours later.

  4. bcuter23 said:

    I love this MV, since I love to watch anime and 2NE1 this
    is a perfect MV for me… 2NE1 did it again.. neh!!~♥

    2ne1 fighting!!!

  5. Twin-twin said:

    Wow!Im a huge anime and manga fan to the bone,and this is just like a dream come true,my fave group on an anime video!wahhh!even the song is like the ending theme song for an anime..i wont be surprised if 2ne1 is asked to sing a theme song for an anime once theyre in the guy turning to a monster reminds me of blood+,Saya and Haji!!!!and my guess was rigth thats there something fishy bout’ the two..hehehe

    Sorry for all these ,I’m just crazy about this MV..hehe

  6. Trisha Gonzaga said:

    when the teaser realesed and the mv, the whole time i thought the bad person was a girl until i read the comments haha!!

    • me too….looking for the guy till da end….hahah!
      Da guy must be taller than them!& da hair should looks manly…..
      but anyway, still love it..!!! as in…Super Love it!

  7. Trisha Gonzaga said:

    i love how hard she worked to kill this guy, just like how hard she works on promoting for 2ne1, i love you dara.. you make the impossible possible!!!

  8. christjenn said:

    did u guyz notice that guy kind of similar with gd.hehehehe.

    -eating her corn while looking for the bad guy
    -taking selcas while hunting
    -using a gun that’s twice her size and failing
    -so instead she kicks him


    I love how bad-ass and curvy Dara is here. 2NE1 as femme fatales FTW ❤

  10. madz_Parker said:

    waaah!! DARA DOES IT AGAIN!! so proud with her character..!! ^^ love everything!

  11. 2NE1-HATE YOU..SOO DANG EPIC!! sorry for the caps but im soo…hyphed right now!! woo!! Dara Dara fierce and Gorgeous Dara!! most of you are into the Dara-Guy but the ChaeRa moment hit me!! when she was about to be hit..Cl came and like “don’t you dare hit my wifey you ass!!” ahahah now imma go back to akp and spazz there..20k the goal ^.^

  12. wow at dara’s anime character!!! i hope dara or yg will tell to all the people the real story of the mv LOL coz i think there’s something between dara and that villain. oh wait! the villain is a guy right? LOL soo there.. she’s just so bad-ass! love it! i want more of 2ne1’s anime! 🙂

    • I agree, I hope YG will tell the story because it looks great.

      One thing I don’t like or I find it weird is when the guy become a monster. It’s way cooler when the guy is a mere person then there’s something between him and Dara, judging from the mv it looks like Dara hates him but when she look into his eyes she suddenly become soft. Oh my, I’m imagining things right now! Erase erase! 🙂

      I find Dara very sexy and badass in the mv and how can I forget Bom, her character is so funny. The song and mv is dope! 😀

      • arsheen said:

        that’s what i’m also thinking… there is a hidden story behind the guy and dara

        1. the shot which was focused on dara with her unreadable expression then it turned towards the guy…

        2. the guy and dara sensed each others presence instantly…

        3. the slowmo moment between dara and the guy while they were fighting… there’s some emotion in her eye that she tries to control…

        4. her eagerness to kill the guy but it seems she could not really hurt him… you could see that there is hate but on the other side, there is a contained emotion…

        how i wish YG will explain the story… this makes me so curious…

  13. omg its so beautiful. tears in my eyes rn. watching over and over

    • also am i the only one who thought dara’s character might have been in love with the monster? she looked really sad and reluctant at first then when she realized how dangerous he was, she went all badass, jumping on his car and everything

  14. Crazy4Dara said:

    I love Dara’s character in this MV. A pissed off Dara is one hot & sexy mama!…..hahaha…I kinda sound like a creeper…But anyways, like always I wish she had longer lines but the short lines she had she nailed. Dara is like an action hero w/ her weapon!

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