Update #1:

연습이 끝난 너무 졸리고 피곤한 새벽..!!!잠들려던중..!기쁜 소식을 빨리 나누고싶어서 문자합니당!두둥!!!퉤니원 놀자콘!올림픽홀이 물론 작은곳은 아니지만 표를 못구하신ㅠ분들 넘 아쉬워서! 한회 더 추가하기로 결정!+.+ 짝짝짝!!!8월26일 금요일 밤8시!홧팅!^^

Practice is finally done, it’s dawn now and I’m very tired and sleepy…!!!..! While trying to sleep…! There’s some good news that I wanted to share so I updated this! Dudung!!! 2NE1 NolzaCOn! Olympic Hall is definitely not a small venue, but for those who don’t have tickets yet ㅠ It’s really unfortunate! So we decided to add one more concert date! +.+ Clap clap clap!!!! On August 26, Friday, 8:00PM! Fighting! ^^

It’s nicer now that more people would get to enjoy the concert! Blackjacks who weren’t able to get tickets during the first ticketing, you must! Go get them now! Fighting!!! ^.^

Update #2:

굿모닝!!! ^.^ 1st LOok!!! 창간호 나왓습니당!!! 이미 삿지요!ㅋㅋ 빠르죠?!? 캬~! 이쁜옷 입고 찍은 사진들이라 빨랑 보고싶엇거든요!!! +.+ 인타뷰도 재밋규~^^ 우린 이제 또 준비중.. 촬영을 마저 끝내야합니다! 오늘도 홧팅!!!

Good morning!!! ^.^ 1st LOok!!! The first issue is now out!!! Already got it! Keke I’m quick, right?!? Kya~! We wore beautiful clothes for this, so I wanted to see the photos quickly!!! +.+ Interview is cool~^^ We are now preparing…for another day of shooting! Today, fighting!!!

Source: Dara’s Me2day
Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara / Blackjackbelle@OhDara

Comments on: "Me2day: New Concert Date and 1st Look Magazine!" (4)

  1. Definitely BILLION DOLLAR BABY!:)))

  2. Why not in October?? huhuhu 😦 This is really sad. Lucky to those who will watch the concert. 2ne1 Nolza!!

  3. yeah….ommo…really lucky!!waaa…i wanna be one of white ocean~~

  4. lucky k-blackjacks they can watch the concert live.wish i have enough money so i can go to korea and watch their concert.but anyway even if im not there i still support them by buying their album…ill just wait for the fancams…dara ur the best!

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