Me2day: 2NE1 Concert ^^

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  1. It looks like Dara and CL, Bommie & Minzy really enjoyed their short mini concert in the Philippines and being able to be watched by thousands of people in that coliseum that she’s hoping the venue of their concert will be held in a big dome in Seoul. Don’t worry Goddess D I’m pretty sure all K-blackjacks will be present in that concert that it can’t accommodate the 4 thousand capacity. But it looks like the concert will be really fun with a little bit of up close & personal while our girls together with Blackjacks will enjoy jamming 2NE1’s music. 2NE1 fighting!!! ^_^

  2. seriously…mitu aside….that jacket is jjang…
    her shoes is jjang as well….
    wish i could have one…wah…
    lucky idols…
    yg got lots of goodies but way too expensive for me…TT_TT

    i sure hope many will attend their first concert
    i never though their venue would be limited only to 4 thousand
    i guess yg is testing as to how many will watch it
    hoping they will have a concert tour. series..
    2ne1 is popular internationally…

  3. go DARA!!! go 2ne1!!! 🙂 goodluck to ur 1st concert!!! stay healthy and pretty darong!!! yay right 2NE1 IS THE BESSSTTTT!!! 2NE1 FIGHTING!!! 🙂

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