와쌉?!? ^.^ 올여름~ 그녀들이 온다!ㅋㅋㅋ 제일 잘자나~ 제제제일 잘나가~! 의 정열적인 안무! 다들 따라출 준비됐~어?!? 어허!!! 초큼만 힌트줄게요! 내가 제일~ 잘나간다 생각하고 춰야되요! 제일 잘나가는 안무동작 1탄!!!ㅋㅋㅋ

[TRANS] Wassup?!? ^.^ Summer time~ is coming fast! ke ke ke The best sleep ~ We are the bebebest ~! It’s our passionate choreography~ Is everyone ready to fo-llow?!? Uh-huh!!! Wait, I’ll be giving you hints! I am the best~ We should all be thinking that way! The first shot of the coolest choreography step!!! ke ke ke


제일~ 잘나가는 안무동작 2탄!!! 더 신나게!!!!! 카몬!!!!!

[TRANS] The best!~ The second shot of the coolest choreography step!!! The most exciting!!!! Come on!!!!


제일 잘나가는 안무동작! 마지막으로 3탄!!! 두둥! 제일~ 신나게!ㅋ 다음주에 뮤직비디오 보고 이 동작들이 어떤 동작인지 한번 찾아내봐요! 글구 올여름 뜨겁게 한번 춰봅시다! +.+

[TRANS] I am the best, dance choreography! The third, and last shot!!! Du-dung! The most exciting! ke The music video will come out next week, so find out where the dance steps are will be! This will be a hot dance this summer! +.+

Source: Dara’s me2day => http://me2day.net/21dara
Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Comments on: "Me2Day: An excited Dara shows us 2NE1’s new choreography" (21)

  1. Excited PR Director Sandara Park is the cutest!!
    I love all her ideas in promoting whichever YG Fam member is coming up with something new
    and of course she never fails to put a smile on our faces whenever she takes time for us fans,
    to update us, even before she was appointed as one.. 😛
    Way to go Dara..give us more teasers please!! *O*

  2. I love our PR Director Dara she always update us anything about her and 2NE1. I can’t wait for their new dance beat music to come out. 2NE1 fighting!!!

  3. kukay06 said:


  4. Just a thought, no matter how much I love her chameleon skills with different hairstyles, I WISH their hairstylists will style Dara’s hair prettily (even for one performance only?) 😛 I’m kinda scared when they mentioned that it’s like Fire’s style :)) I just want to see her beautified again. Time to gain new fanboys, Dara-ah :)) There are lots of new boy groups :>

    i personally love the third picture. haha. one more week. i don't know how i survived all these weeks without 2ne1's new single but I'll try my best to stay sane until friday next week 😛 i'm going crazy while waiting for this sooooooong.

  6. Wee!:D Excited!:)) I’m sure their new song will be big hit once again:) I love dara unnie’s fashion style here. She looks so cute (as always) with her apple hair. Love the shirt<3

  7. Dara4ever said:

    @arsheen..im using my ph0ne töö but unlike u,i cn seè the pics ‘coz i ch0ose the m0bile site n0t the full site..f ur ph0ne have a 0pti0n like that,chΘose the m0bile site for u to see the pics…(just wanna share..peace!)

    -anyway dara always teasing us!lOl!

  8. I can’t wait. I want to wear her shirt !!!

  9. 8,103,202 hits what does this mean?

  10. i love how she teases the fans
    i hope the new song will show “the very best” of all the members
    i hope they have equal parts of the song…
    i hoe i hope i hope
    sandy you’re the be-be-be-be-be-be-best !!

  11. whoah!!! if goddess said this gonna be cool, surely this song and choreography will gonna hit the fire and summer baby!!!!!!!whatever dara’s words is so true!!!
    i can’t wait!!! “im the best”..so exciting!!

  12. so adorable. still can’t believe that she’s turning 27 this yr with the way she looks and behaves lol.she’ll forever be 19 to me.

  13. i can’t see the pics since i am using my phone. but i really think that the dance would be great… PR dara!

  14. she looks younger everyday… so beautiful and fresh… im really falling for her…
    cant wait for their new song, especially that it has the same feeling as fire… dee-ah… i want to see you soon…!! ❤

  15. uhm guys.. there seems to be a kid taking over Dara’s me2day..?! lol

  16. Ooh… Exciting! I know the CYH, CN, and GA were songs you can dance to, but Fire was definitely the best and got me and everyone else dancing. Since this new song is supposedly like Fire, I’m really anticipating what kind of dance craze Shaun (I assume) has choreographed for it.

  17. Dara is freaking adorably cute…She’s like a lil kid. I can’t wait for their bomb choreo and mv of “The Very Best”….Thanks for the amazing fast updates and translations, you’re the be-be-be-be-be-be-best. ^^

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