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Me2day: Dara with her slippers, funny artwork, and 2NE1’s 1st Concert “NOLZA”!

Update #1:

Wassup?!? Yesterday, we went to Changwon for a performance! We also came last year, and it rained a lot then too ke While it rained, we performed Fire and Clap Your Hands, and it’s the same for this year! Because of the rain, the audience must have been troubled ㅠ There were a lot of Blackjacks yesterday, who came to cheer us on loudly when we performed our songs! This unfamiliar feeling! +.+ See you in Music Core and Inkigayo! ^^

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Update #2:

Dudung!!! Did you know…that Sandara Park’s height is just 4 sets times the size of her head?!? ke I always knew that I was short, but I never thought that the ratio would be like this!!!! It’s unbelievable!!!!!!!!!ㅠ.ㅠ I at least, thought that I’d be about 7.5 times… but my height is only 4 times the size ke ke ke Aahhh~! It’s okay! Well, based on my height, doesn’t it look like I’d be killer star?!? ke ke ke 

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Update #3:

We now are working hard in a meeting for our concert!!!!!!!! 2NE1, nolja~!!! (T/N: Nolja – let’s play) Nolja, concert! It’s the Nolcon~! ^.^ So now, we would be going through preparations in earnest!!! Fighting! Fighting! Ya ya ya!!!

Update #4:

The concert meeting is done!!! It took a pretty long time! We talked a lot about things to make a good show for you guys ^^ Did you see the seat layout!!? Isn’t it cute?!? +.+ How do you think the seats should be divided for the event that we would have…? ^^ I wonder!! ke Please come to the Nolcon~! 


Source: Dara’s me2day
Translated by: SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara/ BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Me2day: 2NE1 Concert ^^

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