Update 1 (051011):

source: dara’s me2day

Trans: dugeun du geun .. its midnight and people can be sentimental right? Darong thats so lonely….the good role model/ model singer Darong all along.. should i make trouble today? ae ra ( ?) my cell phone number revealed!! I’m so lonely! But if many boys (contact me , make a big fuss?) yg is going to be every mad at me!!! what to do!!! i dont know~! hwirikrik TT TT  

[Translated by winggers@DGH]


Comments on: "Me2day: Dara is lonely and shows her mobile number" (8)

  1. darafan21 said:

    i will text you later LOL

  2. dara is just so witty….hihihi

  3. Love Dara’s cleverness. Now, she and YG are both trolling us. Love you Baby Girl! More! More! More! kekeke

  4. u-oh!!! dara so funny!!!

  5. There’s a catch, right? Coz 0512 stands for May 12. The release of their MV. Pretty clever, though. hahaha

  6. kdramapopfan said:

    Well… Maybe this is not her real number… But if someone is able to call her, please share the info… LOL…. Dara’s randomness is just the best!

  7. OK, where can I find a Korean number over here? I wanna contact her! LMAO! Dara-unnie’s randomness strikes again! XD I wonder how many calls & messages will she receive in a minute? Kekeke. XDDD

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