Me2day: Dara In The Pool

source: dara’s me2day

Credits: As Tagged

Comments on: "Me2day: Dara In The Pool" (8)

  1. She looks like a mermaid princess!! So pretty<3

  2. MzXaseangurl said:

    I know right?CHOOM CHOOM reminded me of CHOOMTOP xD

  3. apple_mango said:

    what???!!did she said she tanned her skin??
    but why her skin still a milky white???

  4. seriously!
    that was so poetic…
    other than a celebrity on tv…
    dara should be a writer…
    or a director…some one with a mind as quirky at that can make cute stories and witty dialogues….
    or she can be a PR specialist for future idols in YG..haha…

  5. tikilovesapples said:

    that *choomchoom* part reminds me of the choom top UFO message haha LOL.

    anyway, D-ah looking as beautiful as ever!!! Can’t wait for May1!

  6. Omo, I feel like joining her on that pool! Gosh, she’s seriously likes to kill us! Dalong ahh, just take that clothes off! Sorry pervy much, can’t help it, she’s just so hot to handle!

  7. she’s a certified goddess of water,,

  8. waaaaaaah!!!!DROOOLLSSSS!!!!*die*
    dara in WET LOOK!!! *DIE*!!! CAN I JOIN U!!!keke.;)

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