update 5:

그리고 산다라박 패러디하는 투애니원 매니쟈 손모씨!ㅋㅋㅋ 막뛰드 모델이래요ㅋ손엔 연필대신 소세지!ㅋ 에뛰드 vs 막뛰드! 여러분의 선택은? 꽈연~!?!?!?ㅋㅋㅋ

and sandara park’s parodying- 2ne1’s maanger hand gesture? mak-tude model! instead of a pen , hes holding a sausage!ke etude vs mak tude! what would everyone chose? the result?!? kekeke (Translations by: winggers@DGH)

update 4:

깜찍한 에뛰드걸 산다라박!!! ^.^

cute etude girl sandara park ^.^ (Translations by: inimeg@DGH)

update 3:

백다라~~~ 조금씩 보여줄께용!^^ 너무 많아요ㅋ아웃겨ㅋㅋ백다라중 어떤다라가 젤좋은지 각자 골라줘용!

hundred dara~~~ ill show you a while later !^^ there’s a lot ke. it’s so funny! keKe which would you like most among 100 dara, choose one!!! (Translations by: winggers@DGH)

update 2:

source: dara’s me2day

jjanjan! this is the 100 dara etude gave me as a present! my 100 diferent expressions and and my image was made!TT super touched! i stuck this at myhouse.ke this is so interesting kekeke thank you! (Translated by: winggers@DGH)

update 1:

source: dara’s me2day

wassap?!?! ^.^ its been so long hasnt it? ke this is a late me2.. but im sorry for sending such a photot TT ke last time at etude shoot.. jjang me that has become the sandara park parody tangerine pig! keke im eating right now..ke phahahha.jjang mei is shooting too! have a nice day! (Translated by winggers@DGH)



Comments on: "Me2day: The Me2day Queen Is Back!" (44)

  1. Oh Thank goddes d for updating….If i will choose on that hundred pictures of yours…I will choose all of them…so that i can see your different angles with the overload of cuteness of yours.

  2. pinkprincez_mya said:

    if i have to choose among 100 dara’s expression i like the first pic and the 9th one…
    and the 4th update, omo!!! can i just die?? she’s so cute!!! and am i the only one thinking that she look like goo hara of kara here???? hmmm.. jjango manager is funny… love your updates goddess D….

  3. so glad dara updated her me2day… the pic where she is wearing glasses is so cute… and her 100 expressions are really beautiful…

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  5. That bangs better be real. omg!!!

  6. Yay! Finally, Me2day Queen is back with an update<333
    Love her haircut style<3

  7. i rily miz her…haizt,tnx gudness she update her me2day again..

  8. i want 100 picture of dara…..

  9. she looks like a 12years old at one photo where she’s wearing glasses.

  10. Waahh I like her bangs! If that’s her true hair, I super love it!! 😀
    And every expression is priceless, cuteness overload!!

  11. serena waldorf said:

    it will be more amazing if she has a twitter account…definitely would follow…and we’ll get to see her tweet in korean, english and Filipino languages…which she is fluent in all

  12. 2ne1Dara4lyf said:

    4th selca caught my attention too..so love her..she looks good in whatever way..she’s so nerdy..kekekeke

  13. wahhhh, i love the 4th photo! love her hair also the bangs! our NERDY DARA is so pretty! 🙂

  14. soooooooooo glad she’s back!
    i missed her so much hehehe
    and what a cute picture … harry potter female version XD

  15. Chinita24 said:

    Waaahhhhhh I’m so happy she updated 😀 She really listens to us Thanx Dara we Filipino Fans still support you and the rest of 2NE1 Members 😀

  16. owwww….the 4th update really cute….

  17. gosh!wats with the short short bangs..hope its fake..

  18. that’s so funny!!! I mean the manager! And even nerd Dara is so pretty! ❤

  19. omg is that bangs of her is true O__o? if it’s true i knew it!!! the moment Minji posted a pic of Dara’s back i noticed she had her hair trimmed and just guessed she might also had a bangs! way to go Dara ur much cuter with that bangs of urs but i hope it’s not fake…

  20. on update 4:

    is it just me cuz i really dont see any tangerine make-up? is this for another cf?? dara overload this feb?? kekeke~

  21. madz_Parker said:

    and dalong is starting to flood us with updates..;D love it. i guess, she really miss metu a lot…hmmmm…7 days without update maybe a request from her boss?..
    lol..love the nerd look..another tease?

  22. spamming has never been this appreciated!
    dara’s update spamming is the best!!!

  23. update 5: the korean harry potter! 😮
    update 4: the korean & female version of harry! well, she can also pass for korean hermione…
    both of them really look cute :>

  24. omg shes so pretty with the 4th update hay love it..manager ur so jjiiaaannngg….shipping jjiango manager and dara lol

  25. franzieme said:

    wohoooooooo~ I feel alive again. kkkk

  26. hotpinkmallows said:

    D thanks for spamming me2day! we missed your updates so much! <333 can't wait for feb 1!ily! ^.^

  27. Glad your back in your Me2day dara. We were thinkin your’e gone updating to MeSometimes or MeSomeday and we wondering when you’ll get back. Finally you are here ^__^ Hey, i like the picture of your manager and his appatizer 🙂

  28. 2ne1Dara4lyf said:

    yipey, at long last..she updated her me2..maybe she’s just so busy that she didn’t find time to update but now, the queen of social networking is back..dara-yah saranghaeyo

  29. wooohooo!!!!!! Finally she updated her me2!!!! I really miss her antics…..

  30. pinkprincez_mya said:

    so happy right now!!!!! hehe.. finally you are back!!!i missed you so much dara unnie… and i want that 100 expressions too… what are you filming right now unnie??? another cf? mv? or a movie/drama perhaps???? ^^^

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  32. shooting of another CF? for a pizza company? mmm…

  33. Green Mango said:

    We missed you like crazy!!! How have you been? It was the longest 8 days without you although Etude and the others kept us updated. Glad that you are back. 🙂

  34. madz_Parker said:

    huhu!!! i miss her!! finally!! it’s just so different everytime she doesnt update her metu.

  35. Woooohhhooooooo! Finally!

  36. She said she is shooting something, wonder what it is for, hope a drama.

  37. awwww, I want a copy of those 100 expressions!!

  38. Yay, she updated again!
    And I so want those 100 Dalong expressions,

  39. dara4ever said:

    Finally!u updated ur me2 g0ddess Dal0ng!kyak!

  40. anonyMOEs said:

    yay she finally updated her m2!!! hallelujah!!!!! now im a happy fangirl!! ^.^

  41. Yea!!! Finally she updated her me2day!!!

  42. yes!!!
    it’s been loooooongg…!!!
    we missed you dara….you must be busy these days….i’m happy now!

  43. Ole’, era ora!
    I’m so happy that she updated!
    And lol, 678!
    Missed you Dalong! 🙂

  44. FINALLY an update.. i wonder why it took her this long… keke..

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