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Dara said that sometimes she gets sad when she hears comments like, “She looks so young!” Dara thinks that she looks like a kid and that she doesn’t have a feminine and mature image. ❤ LOL!

Regarding acting in a drama, Dara said that she doesn’t want to act as a sexy or cold girl. She wants a stupid and silly role because she thinks that it would be fun. Dara said that she would probably not be able to do a sexy or cold role! ❤

Interviewer: So, when does the dating ban stop?
Dara: One year later.
Interviewer: So, do you wish that next year would come faster?
Dara: More than next year coming faster, I WISH A MAN WOULD COME FASTER! ❤

Translated by: winggerdinggers@twitter

Posted at: welovedara@twitter


Very witty and lovable Dara <3333

Thanks to welovedara and dara_fangirl @twitter! ❤

Comments on: "Videos: [UPDATED] Mnet Wide Miss Tangerine Interview" (29)

  1. oh men! i’m loving her more and more!she’s definitely adorable!can’t wait on feb 1 for the release of her full etude cf.

  2. yooameiful said:

    very witty charming dara..hope she”ll have a talkshow in the future..

  3. I’m seeing Thunder in her, they’re like twins in my eyes.
    She’s so cool while having the interview and so funny about the dating ban. Goddess D, they are all getting crazy about you sometimes they’re moving closer to you but you get shy in front of them. 😀

  4. 2ne1Dara4lyf said:

    i hate AKP coz they didn’t put this interview..what’s wrong with the other KPOP site?grrr..this is such a wonderful news..why not include this?whatever it is, at least our dara is still having beautiful beautiful and gorgeous as her..

  5. i’m waiting for the english sub…i hope someone will do it for us….keeping my fingers cross…

  6. I love this interview! Seems like our Dara and Santina Park are close now, you can see her that she’s not awkward, maybe because Santina is a funny interviewer! They even high-5, cute!

  7. scarlet_cryssie said:

    lol @ dara japanese , she still have an accent of tagalog in there even in speaking japanese …. hope she and 2ne1 does well in japan next month …. daraya fighting! 2ne1 fighting!

  8. Green Mango said:

    One of her best interviews so far. She had such good rapport with the interviewer. She did great without the others. So proud of her. She was fun, funny and beautiful. The hair just distracted me the first time. Drama, drama, drama for Dara please. 🙂

  9. wah… dara-shi… her awkwardness is gone!! she talks naturally to the interviewer and she looks happy but not nervous ^_^

  10. did they talk about dara not updating her m2??…i wonder wats dat pic of her m2day means

  11. i really want to laugh out loud when i read “More than next year coming faster, I WISH A MAN WOULD COME FASTER!” dorky dara… haha…

    don’t worry goddess d as soon as your dating ban ends, prepare for lots of fanboys lining outside the YG building… Pres. Yang and Big Bang would surely have a hard time since they are so many… But what if the fanboy who wants to apply is from BB? what would they do? (I’m not pairing)

    • i will be one of the happiest person if one of them is from BB…me too, im not pairing…just my heartfelt comment..

  12. the lurker said:

    lol. she took over the job of the reporter.

  13. lol. ahjumma perm.

  14. same here.was smiling the whole time while watching the vid, she is such a joy to watch…
    She’s really friendly and does make people feel comfortable around her~
    Goddess D looks soo fab in the photos and her curly hair is <333!!

  15. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Oh Dara!, Bae Chan Chul and Oh Dara!, Oh Dara!. Oh Dara! said: VIDEOS: Mnet Wide Miss Tangerine Interview [thanks to @welovedara @nyxtime @dara_fangirl @winggerdinggers] […]

  16. 2ne1_angel said:

    Guys, let us not forget to vote for 2NE1 in MTV music fest:
    (just click the red tab under their picture)뮤직페스트sexycute


  17. she’s really very honest and cute… that makes her sweet!gogogog…etude!

  18. There are some translations on twitter..saying she prefers stupid or funny roles because its challenging done doing sexy or cold ones.and she was asked about the ban.she was asked if she wishes that the ban would quickly come to an end but she said that she would want a guy to quickly come instead of just the’s really witty no?

  19. 2ne1Dara4life said:

    eng sub please…she’s just exceptionally beautiful..put on whatever hairstyle you want, and she can carry it all through out..dara-yah, you’re so gorgeous..

    • i think she talked about drama(she doesn’t want a sexy/cool role, since they showed KISS MV, i’m assuming that she doesn’t want a sexy role, lol), and the BF banning(they showed CL-roo, so yeah, kekeke)!

      • About having a BF I wish she’ll not put all her attention on having one because everytime she had a relationship her career goes down… Dara sshi please be careful in choosing a guy we don’t want to lose you again as your fans 😀

  20. I was smiling the whole time i was watching the video..she’s realy a joy to watch eh?i guess the reporter is enjoying too..and i just realized that being a fan of Dara..i think im learning every language shes learning too…lol.i think that they are the true meaning of an international artist…

    • 2ne1Dara4life said:

      super agree with you..i open this site almost all the time coz am always hoping that there will be update every now and then..i am so happy and elated when i saw proud to be her fan..(to think, am like this to dara and barbie hsu more, no less) kekeke

  21. Dara the hippie girl. Thats how our Dara will look like if she lived in the 70’s. ^^

  22. weeehh, she’s so fab! and lol @ her speaking Japanese! and i love the way she interacts w/ the interviewer! she’s really 1 of a kind! can’t wait for the MV/CF!

  23. I don’t know why some people don’t like her (all) curly hair because I looooove it! She’s gorgeous like that!!

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