Translation: Dalong is back to speed boat riding…ke ke I’m being blown away by the wind ~! ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke I wanted to look beautiful and…ke ke but…it came out funny ke ke to be pretty.. kk but… yeh it’s funny kk

Source: Dara’s Me2day

Translated by: BlackJackBelle of Oh Dara!


Comments on: "Me2day: Dara on a Speedboat, “I was blown away by the wind!”" (17)

  1. OmG Dara got a lot of talent…………. ❤ ❤
    i love her so munch………..keep it up Dara….we love u……

  2. maryslamb said:

    Etude House’s Ms. Tangerine CF 30 sec. cut…

  3. Lol at “i want to look beautiful, but it came out funny”!XD
    Dara unnie, even though it’s just you back that we’re seeing, you still looks pretty for us:)) I’m glad that you’re enjoying right now. You and the 2ne1 girls will surely have busy schedules on the coming days so Enjoy Unnie!!:))

  4. DARAcoercion said:

    cool cam darong -_-

  5. LOL such a cute update. :)) i really adore this woman 😀

  6. 2ne1Dara4lyf said:

    so nice to see her enjoying her least she can have time to unwind before the battle begins (i mean busy sched..)…we enjoy your vacay too dara..

  7. What I also love about Dara is her being adventurous.
    She can drive cars, speedboats, jetskis, even ride on the theme park’s rides. She isn’t scared of those. And the reason why she cries when it comes to animals? Simply because Dara appreciates animals in a different way. She has a soft heart when it comes to them and the nature.

  8. javier park said:

    i’m glad she’s having fun

  9. i can just imagine dara trying to look sophisticated with the scarf tied around her hair and all -but failing because of the wind….. at the exact moment they took the picture.

  10. your so funny dara and i love it..:)

  11. i’m glad she’s having fun… by the way, i just saw her on the yahoo philippines top searches…

  12. SpRingGirl said:

    Dara u a certified sailor now….job well done,it was a great experience…I hope I c alwayz a smell n ur face!!!!!

  13. she’s too cute!:) Dara have fun! Keep enjoying your time off!

  14. omo….she’s the one driving??

    • I think she still has a designated driver. Must be the one taking pics or probably blown by the wind lol But next time i want to see her flying a plane. She’s simply cool and adventureous

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